(Image) Ed Woodward’s reaction as a young Man Utd fan unveiled a ‘Jose is a winner, Woodward is a loser’ banner last night

Last night’s miraculous victory against Newcastle United might just be enough to give Jose Mourinho some more time to set things right amidst rumors of his sacking that have been floating around due to Manchester United’s disastrous start to the season.

The Portuguese certainly has the backing of fans as evidenced by the adulation he received from those who firmly stayed put for the whole of 90 minutes, even when things seemed to be crumbling at the Theatre of Dreams.

While home spectators roared their manager’s name, the club’s vice-chairman Ed Woodward, also present in the stands, did not look too impressed when the cameras panned towards him during a moment in the match.

The 46-year-old was spotted looking ashen-faced and barely smiled throughout the match, especially when the cameras caught a young fan unfurling a banner which read ‘Jose is a winner, Woodward is a loser’.

As United have struggled to get going on the pitch, fans have constantly been slamming Woodward for allegedly refusing to provide funds for Mourinho to strengthen the squad during the summer transfer window and it was quite apparent who they blame for the mess and who they continue to believe in.

Check out Woodward’s face and the banner:

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