It’s exciting times for Tottenham fans as their new 62,000-seater stadium looks pretty close to completion with the pitch being laid this week. While Spurs fans were disappointed when it was announced earlier in the season that opening date of the stadium had been delayed, they can rest assured knowing that once it’s finished, the stadium will be one of the best in the country.

The stadium boosts of a lot of one-of-a-kind features including a retractable pitch, a microbrewery, the longest bar in the UK, a sky lounge with a panoramic view of the stadium and heated seats. However, the design feature Spurs fans seem to be most excited about is the closeness of the stands to the pitch.

The club has put a special emphasis on the atmosphere at the new ground and have made sure that the stands are as close to the pitch as possible for a stadium of its size. Additionally, the club have also hired acousticians to create more clean reverberation times, meaning chants last longer.

Look how close the stands are to the pitch in the new Spurs stadium

The North London club have perhaps learned from the experiences of Arsenal and West Ham who have had trouble trying to recreate the same atmosphere at their new homes as they enjoyed at Highbury and the Boleyn Ground respectively. A Spurs fan posted a picture of the Emirates Stadium alongside the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium, comparing the stands’ proximity to the pitch in both the grounds.

Check out the post below:

Spurs fans will certainly feel they have outdone their North London rivals when it comes to the stadium. It’s safe to say that fans can hardly wait to experience the atmosphere at the new stadium for themselves.

  1. There will be no atmosphere even with all ‘extras’ when Spurs will have 40,000 fans in a 61,000 stadium on most weeks. Wembley has shown that this club cannot get 60,000+ for most matches except the dozen big games a season. A lot of their Cup games will barely muster 30,000

    1. We’ve sold out Wembley for EVERY match if you care to get your facts straight! There have been occasions such as the Cardiff match where the top tier hasn’t been allocated but for more information on that you’ll need to ask the FA as I think it’s puzzled Poch and Levy too why they’ve not let Spurs use the full ground for each match (may be something in the agreement!).
      So what I’d suggest you do is sod off back to the Library down the road known as the Emirates if you want to experience peace and quiet

      1. It’s to do with wembley only being allowed to host so many events over a certain attendance each year, it’s all tied in to noise pollution and all that red tape . Spurs would sell out every week if we could

  2. It’s a pain for those working the match. With the LED boards in place, there’s hardly any space for photographers, stewards, ball boys, pitch side commentators etc

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