Liverpool and Manchester City played out a goalless draw at Anfield on Sunday in what was arguably the biggest game of the Premier League season so far. The two teams, who are early favorites to win the title this time around, came into the game unbeaten in the league and pretty much cancelled each other out.

The game wasn’t a dull affair however as it produced everything but goals, including great defensive challenges, incisive counter-attacks, some good saves and even a missed penalty. However, one really entertaining moment that most fans would have missed, occurred in the tunnel just before kick-off. As the teams were lining up and the players were embracing the familiar faces in the opposition as is the norm, one person was left mightily embarrassed.

A member of Manchester City’s backroom staff thought Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge was walking up to give him a high-five and so he prepared to embrace the 29-year-old. However, it turned out that Sturridge was actually going over to embrace Man City forward Raheem Sterling, which left the Man City coach pretty red-faced.

Watch the hilarious moment below:

In fairness though, the Man City staff member in question managed to save face pretty well by pretending he just intended to hold the water bottles with both his hands, and as if nothing else had happened.

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