Pic: Wimbledon the other day, Silverstone today… Leeds are everywhere

One might have expected Leeds United’s image as a top-flight club take a hit after their promotion bid fell apart so close to the finishing line last season, following with all the controversies that emerged after it.

On the contrary, though, it has only motivated Leeds fans to rally behind their favourite club and flash support at every given opportunity.

From the Glastonbury festival last month, to the ongoing tennis fiesta of Wimbledon as well as the Formula 1 race at Silverstone, Peacocks supporters have thronged from all corners of England to show support for the club.

Recent signings and improvement in the club’s management and administration departments have resulted in a wave of optimism amongst fans, who are eagerly waiting to see their first Championship encounter against Bolton on the 6th next month.

Check out evidences of Leeds United supporters representing the club at Wimbledon (fan with a Leeds smiley badge tattoo) and Silverstone (flag) below –

Pic: Premier League star parades his son in full 2016/17 Celtic away kit on social media

James McClean might have spent his entire professional career at football clubs based in England and Northern Ireland, but it seems like he wouldn’t mind a stint in Scotland some day either.

The West Brom winger recently made his love for Scottish champions Celtic known to the world by dressing up his kid in a full Hoops attire complete with a ball at his feet.

Finding favour amongst social media users for the adorable picture will come as a breath of fresh air for McClean, whose image in the eyes of the public has largely been negative for his controversial political views previously.

The 28-year old might be an admirer of Celtic but he won’t be going anywhere soon as the player’s contract with West Brom began in 2015 and stipulates a duration of three years at least.

Check out McClean’s son in a full Celtic home kit below –

(Video) This stunning first touch from Mesut Ozil during Arsenal v Sydney friendly was pure football porn

For most football players it takes days of training to get back into shape and garner the momentum with which they ended their previous season, but then Mesut Ozil never promised to be like most players.

The midfield magician is an absolute natural when it comes to producing some soul-satisfying displays of wizardry time and again as if his life depended on it.

If a stunning through pass taking out three defenders during training was not impressive enough, the German made some hearts skip a beat with another exhibit of class during a match just hours later.

After Reiss Nelson fired away a long overhead pass from the right flank to the left one, Mesut Ozil gathered all the gentility he could muster to caress the ball with pure elegance before running away.

Check out Ozil’s effortless touch during Arsenal’s encounter with Sydney FC below –

Legendary Tottenham fan Kenneth Branagh COYSing hard during the world premiere of Dunkirk (Video)

The best way to spot a real football fan is to mention the name of their favourite club in the unlikeliest of places to do so. If they respond back with enthusiasm, you know you’re in the company of an honourable supporter.

Legendary actor Sir Kenneth Branagh reiterated his love for Tottenham Hotspur in similar fashion during the world premier of his upcoming blockbuster movie ‘Dunkirk’ recently.

Sir Kenneth’s loyalty towards the club is very well known. He was responsible for making a short movie paying tribute to Tottenham’s former home, the White Hart Lane, and even narrated a touching eulogy to the ground during the farewell game there.

Apart from greeting with a curt “COYS!” during an interview at the premiere, the big Spurs fan even promised to cheer on the club during their first home game at the Wembley Stadium against Chelsea on 20th August as well.

Check out Sir Kenneth proclaiming loyalty to Tottenham below –

Pic: There’s a blue top doing the rounds as the supposed Newcastle United away kit for next season

Newcastle United will make a come back to the top flight of English football this season after securing promotion to the Premier League in spectacular fashion.

Apart from planning for 2017-18 with hectic transfer negotiations this summer, the Magpies have also been working on kits to don for their big campaign, and it looks their away shirts have been leaked online now.

Less than a day after the club officially released their third kit for the next season, social media was abuzz with pictures of what appeared to be shirts that Newcastle players will use for all fixtures away from home.

Complete with a special club crest commemorating its 125th anniversary, the blue away shirt with polka dots on the shoulders remotely resembles their 2007-08 away kit.

While it largely received mixed reactions from supporters, the lack of sponsor’s logo on the shirt raises questions on the veracity of the leaked kit.

Check out Newcastle’s supposed away shirt for the next season below –

Pictures show Marcus Rashford has seriously jacked up to play for Man United next season

Some of the best initial reactions by Manchester United supporters to pictures of their new signing Romelu Lukaku beginning training with the club were in awe of his sheer proportions as a huge man.

But now it looks like a similar figure is slowly but steadily emerging amongst the Red Devils. Cue, Marcus Rashford.

Rashford might not stand apart when compared to tall members of his team, such as Lukaku and Pogba, but the 19-year old has managed to cover up for this with his impressive physique lately.

Recent pictures and videos suggest that the United youngster has been beefing up with greater focus on toned muscles, particularly during the break this summer.

If Rashford can score 11 goals and provide 6 assists in all 53 games played last campaign, United fans would love to see what he would be capable of after enhanced body strength this season.

Check out picture of a bulked-up Marcus Rashford below –

What A Guy – Pontus Jansson doing the ‘Leeds Salute’ during his walk out for Sky Sports lineup shoot (Video)

There are players who rule the world of football with sheer flamboyance and superior skills, and then there are those who leave behind a legacy long after they are gone just by being loyal to the club.

Leeds United’s Pontus Jansson sits proudly in the second category. Not only is the defender seen as an indispensable part of the club, but is also perceived as somebody who was born to play for it.

From former manager Garry Monk to current boss Thomas Christiansen, Jansson has always remained consistent as somebody the team can blindly rely upon.

Former Leeds MD David Haigh recently sang paeans to the 26-year old when he described him as, “Exactly the right man for Leeds, at exactly the right time.” Fans, too, could not agree more.

Jansson reaffirmed his live for the club during a Sky Sports shoot by doing the “Leeds salute” that fans would love to see every time he is shown in Leeds lineups before matches next season.

Check out Jansson’s bit from the shoot below –

Everton fan absolutely finishes off a troll mocking Wayne Rooney’s return back to the Merseyside

A lot of times virtual rivalry between supporters of adversarial clubs ends in a few chuckles and possibly along with a meme here and there, but one Everton fan has made a lifelong reputation with just 17 words.

A Manchester United loyalist decided to celebrate Romelu Lukaku’s recent signing by taking a dig at Everton, claiming that United took their best player (Rooney) 13 years ago only to “sling him back” in 2017 and land their current best one (Lukaku).

Not taking it lying down, an Evertonian absolutely demolished the United fan by explaining how their former manager, David Moyes, had inflicted much greater damage in just 6 months by undoing the Red Devils’ 25 year dynasty instead!

With over 25,000 re-tweets and 45,000 likes compared to a measly 1,000 re-tweets and likes for the United fan’s tweet, it is safe to say that Evertonians won this round hands down. Your move, chuckles!

Check out the Everton fan’s savagery on display below –

(Video) Main man Mesut Ozil takes out 3 players with a stunning through pass during Arsenal training in Australia

Some footballers like to take it easy during training sessions and let their skills speak for themselves during live matches instead. But then Mesut Ozil is clearly not like any other player.

The midfield wizard was seen spinning his magic yet again during a training session for Arsenal’s ongoing pre-season tour of Australia, which will involve fixtures against the likes of Chelsea and Bayern Munich.

After receiving the ball near the edge of the opponents’ box, Ozil found it in him to carve out a perfect pass to find Theo Walcott by taking out not one or two, but THREE helpless defenders in the process.

A display of sheer skills like this only goes on to prove just how important it is for Arsenal to make sure they keep their midfielder tied down at the club by extending his current contract as soon as possible.

Watch Ozil’s sensational through ball below –

Another picture from Wayne Rooney’s Everton unveiling is being mocked heavily by Liverpool fans

For a historic rivalry like that of the Merseyside enemies, who can go to war at the slightest of provocations, a big event like that of Wayne Rooney’s return to Everton after 13 years can spark off a raging fire impossible to douse soon.

Provided how it is a tradition between Liverpool fans and their Blues rivals across town to bog down each other at every given opportunity, it would have been irresistible to let this one go.

Right after an eagle-eyed Liverpool fan trolled Everton for celebrating mediocre achievements using a picture involving Rooney’s unveiling, a Toffees loyalist hit back with another post showing their new signing’s massive popularity compared to that of their rival club’s.

Escalating the confrontation further, another Reds supporter took a dig at Everton by likening unoccupied cabinets right behind Rooney to that of supposedly empty trophy displays that can be found at Goodison Park.

Your move, Evertonians. Check out a Liverpool fan mocking his rivals below –