Pic: Arsenal man spotted taking extreme measures on the flight from Shanghai to Beijing

Some people have a knack for being at the right place and the right time to capture pictures of extremely weird things, and Alex Iwobi also did something along these lines recently.

The Arsenal striker, on board a flight from Shanghai to Beijing during the club’s pre-season tour of China, caught fellow team-member Emiliano Martinez hanging an air freshener right on his ear. Yes, you read it right.

The duo seem to have struck a good friendship playing alongside each other. Earlier in the day, both Iwobi and Martinez emerged a heroes for their club during their win over Bayern Munich in Shanghai.

Iwobi scored a last-minute 1-1 equalizer to ensure that the game went to penalties, which is when Martinez stepped up to make two brilliant saves that helped Arsenal win 3-2.

Check out Iwobi’s picture showing Martinez flaunting an air freshener ear ring below –

Pic: Man Utd fans spotted celebrating Divock Origi’s goal during Liverpool v Crystal Palace in Hong Kong

Blurring the lines of Man-Utd Liverpool rivalry

The animosity between the two clubs has been ever present since the onset of the premier league but on Wednesday, the world was treated to an unusual sight of Manchester United fans celebrating Divock Origi’s goal against Crystal Palace as the Reds cruised to a routine victory. On close inspection, it became apparent that both sets of fans were out to enjoy the evening and add to the occasion, even if involved celebrating with an old foe.

The news of English clubs coming to Hong Kong has proven to be quite a phenomenon for the Premier League followers as they made their way in huge numbers, enduring a relentless downpour of heavy rain. The fanaticism and fever of watching the star players perform in their city was probably the factor which made rival fans flock to the stadium and applaud their counterparts in victory, which saw Liverpool qualify for the final of Premier League Asia trophy.

Being only a preseason affair, little can be said about the competitive spirit of such games. However, once the new season will be in full swing, tensions are sure to rise on Derby day. Both sets of supporters have high expectations from their respective campaigns and none will be letting up on their hatred for the other, when it comes to claim bragging rights.

Check out the picture of Man Utd fans celebrating Origi’s goal below –

Tottenham fan hits the nail on the head – How Spurs are in a ‘no man’s land’ when it comes to transfers this season

From a team that used to hover around Europa League spots till the 2013-14 season, to a team that is now known for their fierce attack and has fully cemented their spot in the top 4, the Spurs story has the message of ‘hardwork pays off’ written all over it, and the fans should be mighty proud of it.

But like every good story, there’s a catch here too, and a Tottenham fan has hit all the write spots with his explanation about what the club’s biggest problem is at the moment – Transfers.

An ardent Spurs fan from the popular Spurs Community gave his two cents on the current situation, and you can do nothing but agree to what he has to say.

He mentions that he met a big PL personality recently, and they were talking about the spurs situation. The person explained that the issue with the club currently is the fact that players have been outperforming their wages massively for 2 to 3 years now, and this is putting pressure on the board to increase the wage bill.

Ideally, any player would want to be on a lower wage level for not more than a couple of years, and it’s because of this that Spurs may eventually lose on to some of their biggest assets, with Kyle Walker being one big example.

Also, because of the same reason, Spurs are now restricted to buying young talents who have potential but are unproven as they demand low wages. If the club buys a massive player with a hefty wage demand, the big wage discrimination may cause a dressing room mutiny.

Spurs fans will hope that irrespective of the club’s minimal involvement in the transfer window, they perform well next season. Check out the explanation in full below –

(Video) Leeds fans absolutely loving this montage of Gaetano Berardi being a complete psycho

One of the few remaining hard men in football, Gaetano Berardi typifies fearlessness by his tenacious work rate on the field. His over indulgence in committing to a challenge has won over the Leeds faithful, with supporters viewing his passion for the game as a benchmark for their team.

The Swiss defender has suffered multiple gashes and nose bleeds in the past three seasons that he has been associated with the club. Yet, he shows no signs of slowing down. Whether it be a friendly or a cup final, one can be sure to find Berardi flying into challenges and chasing down lost causes. Although being a risky proposition, his intense playing style is adored by the fans with many asking for a new contract.

Sometimes labelled as psychotic and exaggerated in his attempts to win the ball, Thorp Arch residents applaud his efforts, as it resonates with their demands of 100% commitment towards gaining promotion and getting back in the mix of the Premier League’s elite. Gaetano Berardi has now become a stereotype for them, who is surely going to go down as a club legend.

The definition of a Leeds United player, check out this lovely montage getting extremely popular with the fans below –

Pic: Meet the stunning new addition to Chelsea WAGs FC fans are going crazy over

Alvaro Morata’s long speculated future is finally set to be destined as Chelsea are on the brink of signing the Real Madrid star on whooping £70 million deal. Morata is set to replace the now outcast Diego Costa, who is on his way back to Atletico Madrid. But his arrival isn’t the only cause of excitement to the fans.

Every club followers brag about their rich history, trophies, star power… and WAGs. Yes, even the partners of the footballers add to the glamour of the club as they too become a part of it. So with Morata, comes his bae Alice Campello, with whom he tied the know recently in Italy.

The former Juventus hitman made his relationship public last year when Morata was plying his trade with the Old Lady and walked down the aisle this summer when the star was on a vacation. Campello was pictured bikini-clad when the duo were on a vacation, and the Blues faithfuls are stirred to have her on their WAGs wagon.

A fashion designer by profession, the stunning Italian beauty instantly becomes a new candidate for the hottest WAGs of the Premier League, which means Chelsea now have five different fronts to compete in next season.

Check out the pictures below –

Recent evidence suggests Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain certainly loves himself some Liverpool (Video)

It was a great start for Arsenal in their preseason Shanghai tour as the Gunners defeated German giants Bayern Munich 3-2 on penalties after a 1-1 draw in normal time.

Robert Lewandowski opened the scoring with an early spot kick, but Alex Iwobi popped up with a late equalizer for the Gunners, taking the game to penalty shootout.

Arsenal’s 3rd choice goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez turned out to be the hero of the proceedings as he saved two penalties and won the game for the Gunners.

All in all, there were many positives for the fans to take as their team finally managed to beat the side that has romped them 5-1 in each of their last three meetings.

A little clip of some post-match banter between the Arsenal players has been making the rounds amongst Liverpool fans. The video features some post-match banter between Egyptian midfielder Mohamed Elneny and hot property Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, with the English international poking fun at Elneny by claiming that Liverpool’s new boy Salah is the ‘king’ of Egypt.

The Ox has been linked with Liverpool since a long time now, and his appreciation for Mohamed Salah will only be inferred as a major hint of his willingness to play for the Merseyside club.

Supporters will hope that Liverpool sign the Ox the soon, as they realise that squad depth will be an important aspect next season because of the Champions League, League cup and FA Cup games mid week.

Check out the bit from Ox below –

Pic: Arsenal fans reckon this is Mesut Ozil assisting the club in off the pitch matters as well

All football players, once they retire, are remembered for some quality that fans can attribute to their personalities, and Mesut Ozil, undoubtedly, will be described in the future as the king of assists.

The midfielder routinely dishes out soul-satisfying assists that leave fans in awe of his effortless ability to do so. So much so that the entire act of assisting in any aspect of life has become synonymous with Mesut Ozil.

In fact, Arsenal fans now believe that the German midfielder has started applying his skills in assisting the club’s board as well.

It all happened when Ozil tagged fellow team-member Alexis Sanchez in a tweet admiring a bunch of adorable dogs. Gooners were quick to attribute Ozil’s actions as a clever means to exploit the Chilean striker’s love for dogs in order to cajole him into staying at the club even longer.

Check out Ozil’s supposed “contractual assist” to Arsenal’s board in flattering Alexis Sanchez to stay on at the club –

Man Utd fans flexing their muscles after pics belittling City starts doing the rounds before the derby

Manchester United and Manchester City share a hostile crosstown rivalry` just like any other neighboring clubs. Specially the ones in recent times as the advent of new ownership has made City capable enough to hold a candle to their more glamorous rivals. However a recent stats suggest United’s fan following being infinitely bigger and better than their counterparts in blue.

One of the images below highlights the clubs’ Google searches across the globe. And suffice to say, the Red Devils are light years ahead of City. Only in Chile, Brazil, Guatemala, Romania and the city of Monaco, are the people more interested in knowing about the blue half of Manchester. The rest of the globe familiarise with United instead.

The map speaks volumes about the popularity of Manchester United and their monumental fan base. Manchester City may boast staunch financial might, but it seems highly unlikely for them to ever assemble a fan following that United currently have.

Another comparison chart shows two pie carts depicting the number of followers of each clubs on various social media sites. Here too, the gap is way too much. United’s followers on the social media goes well beyond 100 million, whereas that of City is barely one third of it.

The images don’t just reflect on the vast difference in the popularity count between the sides, but also show how big a club United are.

Check out the pictures below –

Massive L for the City fans as the only way to watch the derby v Man Utd is via MUTV

Pre-season tours are a great occasion for everyone. For the teams, it’s an excellent way to warm up for the upcoming season, for managers it is a good chance to test young, promising players and experiment with formations, and for the fans it is an amazing opportunity to see the new signings in action.

But for Manchester City fans, the idea of watching their latest preseason match against arch rivals Manchester United on their US Tour has turned into a big nightmare after it was confirmed through an official tweet by City’s page that the game will legally only be available on MUTV for the UK viewers.

The fans from the blue side of Manchester were left fuming when they came across this news and many supporters replied to the tweet saying they will not be watching the game.

City vs United isn’t only a tough game of football for the teams, it also is a war of words for the two set of supporters, and this time the bragging rights are with the United camp, as they were seen mocking City fans left, right and centre on Twitter, thanks to the broadcasting issue with CityTV.

The City fans will hope that their team puts up a good performance to make up for the embarrassment caused in the build up.

Pic: Chelsea fan rocks up to Arsenal’s pre season match in a full Petr Cech outfit including head gear

When Arsenal were pulling up their socks to face the might of old nemesis Bayern Munich, a fan, supposedly a native Chinese, turned for the game in an avatar that has triggered a round of guffaws from the fans.

As the image suggests, the fan turned up for the game in a Petr Cech outfit. However, not the Arsenal one, but in fact, Chelsea’s. Now whether the fan is so ignorant that he doesn’t know of Cech’s current suitors, or doesn’t own an Arsenal kit of him is up for debate.

However you look at it, a debate or a meme, this boy has surely served up a treat with his outfit. Whilst a fellow native posing right next to him dons an Arsenal shirt making his allegiance quite clear, the boy in question has thrown up a silly prattles. Or rather, caused one.

Arsenal drew 1-1 against the German champions in full time, although emerged 3-2 triumphant in the penalty shoot-outs as a measure of salvation. Cech though, wasn’t the hero here as he was subbed off in the 72nd minute itself.

The game may have been a cagey affair, but this Chinese supporter has managed to cast everyone’s mind off the game.

Check out the photo below –