Cricket Grounds

Cricket Grounds across the world offer you distinct character and flavor. The Test centers in the sub-continent are known for their turning wickets, while those in Australia are known for their pace and bounce. Go to New Zealand, and the windy conditions in cities like Wellington create a whole new challenge for the players.

The atmosphere in the stands can be dramatically different from ground to ground. You can see gentlemen in suits and tie at Lord’s, while a very contrasting sight will greet you in the ‘holiday home of cricket’ in Sabina Park.

Lords Cricket Ground Members Area

Sachin Tendulkar makes his way to the middle through the members’ area at Lord’s

Cricket fans cheering their team at the Sabina Park in Jamaica

Cricket fans cheering their team at the Sabina Park in Jamaica

In this section on Cricket Grounds and Stadiums, we will provide you with detailed information on the major cricket grounds of the world. Besides textual information, we will give you pictures of these historic venues which serve as the backdrop to the finest cricket moments of our lives.

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