Net Run Rate Calculation: How is Net Run Rate Calculated in Cricket? 2

Almost all the major cricket tournaments are fiercely fought, and invariably two or more teams end up with the same number of points. In such cases, the Net Run Rate (NRR) comes into play. So it is important to understand the mathematics behind run rates, and to know how net run rate is calculated.

Before we try to understand Net Run Rate calculation for a tournament or say the group stage, let us quickly see how NRR is calculated for a match. This will form the basis for our future calculations:

Definition of Net Run Rate for a match: The difference in the Run Rates between the two sides.

Run Rate Calculation for a single match: Possible Scenarios

  • A: Team bats first. Bats out allotted 20 overs. Run Rate = Total Score / 20
  • B: Team bats first. All out in 18.3 overs. Run Rate = Total Score / 20
  • C: Team bats second. Successfully chases the target in 17 overs. Run Rate = Final Score/17 (Sometimes while needing only 1 D: run to win, the batsman may end up hitting a boundary)
  • E: Team bats second. Bats 20 overs. Fails to achieve target. Run Rate = Total Score / 20
  • F: Team bats second. Gets all out in 19 overs. Run Rate = Total Score / 19

Now, let’s move to the NRR calculation for more than one match. In this there are two important parts – 1) total runs scored and 2) total overs. First one is simply the total of the runs scored by the team in all matches. In number of overs, count as explained above.

Formula for calculating NRR of Team A for the entire group stage:

(Total Runs Scored by Team A / Total Number of Overs) – (Total Runs Scored by Opposition Teams / Total Number of Overs)

Also you need to convert the incomplete overs in the following way to get the math right

  • 1.1 overs = 1.17 (One ball out of six balls. Therefore 1/6 = .17)
  • 1.2 overs = 1.34
  • 1.3 overs = 1.5
  • 1.4 overs = 1.68
  • 1.5 overs = 1.85

Let’s take the case of the current T20 World Cup to explain.

Super 8 Eight Stage: Group 2

  • Match 1: Pakistan vs South Africa. SA batted first and scored 133/6. Pakistan chased and made 136/8 in 19.4 overs
  • Match 2: India 140/7 (20 overs), Australia 141/1 (14.5 overs)
  • Match 3: SA 146/5 (20 overs), Australia 147/2 (17.4 overs)
  • Match 4: Pakistan 128 all out, India 129/2 (17 overs)

Now, lets try to calculate the net run rate for India.

  • Step 1: Calculate total runs scored by India, and total overs for India.
    • 140 + 129 = 269
    • Number of Overs = 20 + 17 = 37
  • Step 2: Repeat for opposition teams
    • 141 + 128 = 269
    • 14.85 + 20 = 34.85

Now, let’s apply the above to the formula

  • India’s Net Run Rate = (269/37) – (269/34.85) = – 0.45

You can now try to do the same for other teams, and check. You have understood the Net Run RateĀ CalculationĀ method if you get the following numbers:

  • Pakistan: – 0.43
  • Australia: + 1.71
  • SA: – 0.60


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    yah it is good, but what i need is how to decide the target to qualify (ex. the super eight match against PAK for AUS if they made 112 they can qualify for semi final, right? how these things can be decide?)

    • Mira Post author

      Hey Umar
      In that match, Australia needed to score 112 runs to overtake Pakistan’s net run rate. That would have guaranteed them a semi final spot. You can use the same method given above to calculate the net run rate in this situation.

      Let me know if you there is anything you want to understand specifically.