FIFA African Player of the Year 2011 Nominees List

Ivory Coast trio from the Barclays Premier League, namely Yaya Toure, Gervinho & Didier Drogba,  head the list of the 2011 FIFA African Player of the year award.

Last year winner Samuel Eto’o is on the list as well.

FIFA African Player of the Year 2011 Nominees List

Samuel Eto’o (Cameroon & Anzhi Makhachkala)

Yaya Toure (Ivory Coast & Manchester City)

Gervinho (Ivory Coast & Arsenal)

Didier Drogba (Ivory Coast & Chelsea)

Adel Taarabt (Morocco & QPR)

Kevin Prince Boateng (Ghana & AC Milan)

Andre Ayew (Ghana & Marseille)

Asamoah Gyan (Ghana & Sunderland)

Moussa Sow (Senegal & Lille)

Seydou Keita (Mali & Barcelona)


Neymar Signs New Contract with Santos

Amid ultra speculations, which has been going for quite a while now, Brazilian striker Neymar has signed a new contract with his present club Santos. The new contract seems to be a very lucrative one, the details haven’t been disclosed yet. The new contract is likely create to record for sorts as the kind of money it involves, the likes have never been heard in South American football.

Apparently Neymar signed the contract on Thursday after meeting with Santos President Luis Alvaro Oliveira. The only other person in the meeting was Neymar’s agent Wagner Ribeiro.

Neymar has been connected with a lot of big names such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea & Manchester City. All the clubs capable of breaking any kind of money barrier, if they set their sight on some player. Neymar has been a ho commodity for some time now and the new contract is certainly bound to create ripples across the Footballing community.

But nowadays signing a new contract does not necessarily mean that the player would be their with the club throughout his tenure as  decided by his contract.

It can very well be a clever ploy from Santos to extract even more money than they had earlier planned. Or maybe they value the strike too much and don’t want him to leave. Nothing could be said right now but this has certainly set the ball rolling in the terms of the speculation the player has created in the recent time.

Wojciech Szczęsny vs Jack Wilshere in FIFA 12 | Legendary Banter

Arsenal players Wojciech Szczęsny  and Jack Wilshere showed at their skills in the new FIFA 12 game. Wojciech Szczęsny is a funny guy and apparently pretty good at fun banter.  Szczesny can speak English quite nicely and have taken the English accent too, as evident from the video. Poor Jack Wilshere, it seems, is no match for Szczesny’s banter.

Check out the video below to see the amusement youself.


Danny Welbeck Believes Tom Cleverley will be World Class

Manchester United and England forward player Danny Welbeck has said that his team mate, both at national and club level,Tom Cleverley will be a force to reckon with in the near future. In an exclusive interview with United Review, Welbeck mentioned the special abilities of  his friend Tom Cleverley and his influence in the EPL.

Few excerpts from the interview can be read below.

“I think he can become a world-class player”

“Football is such a simple game, it’s how hard you make it for yourself. Tom keeps it so simple and it is hard to do that when you’re in centre-midfield, but Tom does that.

It was Cleverley’s pass that allowed Welbeck to score his first goal of the season for Manchester United against Spurs.

“He gets the ball, passes it, moves into space and he’s just always there as an extra option every time you’ve got the ball.

“He’s really good to play with, I enjoy playing with him so much and he’s got the awareness, the vision and the ability to pick out a pass and actually produce a final pass as well.

Both the players have played together quite a lot since their academy days.

“He’s just going to carry on improving. You can see that every single day in training. He’s a really good player.”

“We are really good friends off the field and quite a few people come up to us and tell us that it shows on the field.

“We’ve been through the same training in the academy, the same coaches have taught us the same things, so we’re on the same wavelength and we know each other’s games inside out.”




Daniel Agger says Luis Suarez is Unstoppable

Daniel Agger
Daniel Agger


Danish national team captain and defender has told LFC magazine that his Liverpool teammate Luis Suarez is one of the better strikers in the World today and is a head ache for him in the training sessions.

In an interview with the LFC weekly magazine Daniel Agger stated that “Everybody can see that he is a class player. He is so different. I cannot find any other striker that looks like him or plays like him.”

The defender was all praise for the Uruguayan and rightly so Suarez has set the ball rolling since his transfer to Liverpool this January.

“It’s not because he does any fancy things or anything like that, he just gets the ball in front of goal and creates the chances for himself. Sometimes the way he gets the ball and the way he gets in on goal – you don’t believe it.

“But all credit to him and if he can continue like that, he is definitely going to be one of the world’s best.

The center back didn’t hide anything and revealed that in his training sessions too the striker is unstoppable.

“He does it every day in training, so we know how hard he is to play against. People can see every Saturday afternoon that defenders are struggling to keep him at bay.

Daniel Agger also said that he realizes how important Luis Suarez is for Liverpool and their effort to enter the top 4 in the EPL points table

“It gives everybody in our team a boost to know we have someone like that in attack. To achieve something, I think you need players like that in your team.”



Turbowolf Streaming the New Album Exclusively on Facebook

UK psychedelic rock band with punk influences Turbowolf are streaming their new self titled album in its entirety on Facebook. Of course, you would have to like the page first to access the album.

The self titled album is getting released on 11 November 2011 through Hassle Records.

Band Members:

Chris Georgiadis – Vocals/Synth

Andy Ghosh – Guitars

Joe Baker – Bass

Blake Davies – Drums


Turbowolf self titled album track listing:

1) Introduction (2.41 min)

2) Ancient Snake (2.25 min)

3) Seven Severed heads (1.53 min)

4) Bag O’ Bones (2.49 min)

5) Read + Write (3.41 min)

6) TWI (2.00 min)

7) The Big Cut (4.17 min)

8) K-J (1.22 min)

9) A Rose for the Crows (3.47 min)

10) Sun (Son)  (4.32 min)

11) Things Could be Good Again (2.26 min)

12) All the Trees (3.28 min)

13) Let’s Die (4.38 min)




Barcelona Fixtures for 2011 – 12 Season | La Liga

Complete list of fixtures for Real Madrid Football club for season 2011 – 12. The list obviously is for all the La Liga matches only.

Date Fixtures
20-Nov-11 Barcelona vs Real Zaragoza
27-Nov-11 Getafe vs Barcelona
04-Dec-11 Barcelona vs Levante
11-Dec-11 Real Madrid vs Barcelona
18-Dec-11 Barcelona vs Rayo Vallecano
08-Jan-12 Espanyol vs Barcelona
15-Jan-12 Barcelona vs Real Betis
22-Jan-12 Barcelona vs Malaga
29-Jan-12 Villarreal vs Barcelona
05-Feb-12 Barcelona vs Real Sociedad
12-Feb-12 Osasuna vs Barcelona
19-Feb-12 Barcelona vs Valencia
26-Feb-12 Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona
04-Mar-12 Barcelona vs Sporting Gijon
11-Mar-12 Racing Santander vs Barcelona
18-Mar-12 Sevilla vs Barcelona
21-Mar-12 Barcelona vs Granada
25-Mar-12 Mallorca vs Barcelona
01-Apr-12 Barcelona vs Athletic Bilbao
08-Apr-12 Real Zaragoza vs Barcelona
11-Apr-12 Barcelona vs Getafe
15-Apr-12 Levante vs Barcelona
22-Apr-12 Barcelona vs Real Madrid
29-Apr-12 Rayo Vallecano vs Barcelona
06-May-12 Barcelona vs Espanyol
13-May-12 Real Betis vs Barcelona


Kindly note that the first club in the a particular fixture will be the home side and the other one will be playing away.

Real Madrid Fixtures for 2011 – 12 Season | La Liga

Complete list of fixtures for Real Madrid Football club for season 2011 – 12. The list obviously is for all the La Liga matches only.


Date Fixtures
20-Nov-11 Valencia vs Real Madrid
27-Nov-11 Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid
04-Dec-11 Sporting Gijon vs Real Madrid
11-Dec-11 Real Madrid vs Barcelona
18-Dec-11 Sevilla vs Real Madrid
08-Jan-12 Real Madrid vs Granada
15-Jan-12 Mallorca vs Real Madrid
22-Jan-12 Athletic Bilbao vs Real Madrid
29-Jan-12 Real Madrid vs Real Zaragoza
05-Feb-12 Getafe vs Real Madrid
12-Feb-12 Real Madrid vs Levante
19-Feb-12 Real Madrid vs Racing Santander
26-Feb-12 Rayo Vallecano vs Real Madrid
04-Mar-12 Real Madrid vs Espanyol
11-Mar-12 Real Betis vs Real Madrid
18-Mar-12 Real Madrid vs Malaga
21-Mar-12 Villarreal vs Real Madrid
25-Mar-12 Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad
01-Apr-12 Osasuna vs Real Madrid
08-Apr-12 Real Madrid vs Valencia
11-Apr-12 Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid
15-Apr-12 Real Madrid vs Sporting Gijon
22-Apr-12 Barcelona vs Real Madrid
29-Apr-12 Real Madrid vs Sevilla
06-May-12 Granada vs Real Madrid
13-May-12 Real Madrid vs Mallorca


Kindly note that the first club in the a particular fixture will be the home side and the other one will be playing away.

Manchester City Fixtures for 2011 – 12 Season | Premier League

Complete list of fixtures for Manchester City Football for season 2011 – 12. The list obviously is for the Barclays English Premier League matches.


Date Fixtures
19-Nov-11 Manchester City vs Newcastle United
27-Nov-11 Liverpool vs Manchester City
03-Dec-11 Manchester City vs Norwich City
10-Dec-11 Chelsea vs Manchester City
17-Dec-11 Manchester City vs Arsenal
21-Dec-11 Manchester City vs Stoke City
26-Dec-11 West Bromwich Albion vs Manchester City
31-Dec-11 Sunderland vs Manchester City
02-Jan-12 Manchester City vs Liverpool
14-Jan-12 Wigan Athletic vs Manchester City
22-Jan-12 Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspurs
01-Feb-12 Everton vs Manchester City
04-Feb-12 Manchester City vs Fulham
11-Feb-12 Aston Villa vs Manchester City
25-Feb-12 Manchester City vs Blackburn Rovers
03-Mar-12 Manchester City vs Bolton Wanderers
10-Mar-12 Swansea City vs Manchester City
17-Mar-12 Manchester City vs Chelsea
24-Mar-12 Stoke City vs Manchester City
31-Mar-12 Manchester City vs Sunderland
07-Apr-12 Arsenal vs Manchester City
09-Apr-12 Manchester City vs West Bromwich Albion
14-Apr-12 Norwich City vs Manchester City
21-Apr-12 Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Manchester City
28-Apr-12 Manchester City vs Manchester United
05-May-12 Newcastle United vs Manchester City
13-May-12 Manchester City vs QPR


Kindly note that the first club in the a particular fixture will be the home side and the other one will be playing away.

Chelsea Fixtures for 2011 – 12 Season | Premier League

Chelsea fixtures for the 2011 – 12 season.  All the Premier League fixtures till May 12 can be seen below.


Date Fixtures
20-Nov-11 Chelsea vs Liverpool
26-Nov-11 Chelsea vs Wolverhampton Wanderers
03-Dec-11 Newcastle United vs Chelsea
10-Dec-11 Chelsea vs Manchester City
17-Dec-11 Wigan Athletic vs Chelsea
20-Dec-11 Tottenham Hotspurs vs Chelsea
26-Dec-11 Chelsea vs Fulham
31-Dec-11 Chelsea vs Aston Villa
02-Jan-12 Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Chelsea
14-Jan-12 Chelsea vs Sunderland
21-Jan-12 Norwich City vs Chelsea
31-Jan-12 Swansea City vs Chelsea
04-Feb-12 Chelsea vs Manchester United
11-Feb-12 Everton vs Chelsea
25-Feb-12 Chelsea vs Bolton Wanderers
03-Mar-12 West Bromwich Albion vs Chelsea
10-Mar-12 Chelsea vs Stoke City
17-Mar-12 Manchester City vs Chelsea
24-Mar-12 Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspurs
31-Mar-12 Aston Villa vs Chelsea
07-Apr-12 Chelsea vs Wigan Athletic
09-Apr-12 Fulham vs Chelsea
14-Apr-12 Chelsea vs Newcastle United
21-Apr-12 Arsenal vs Chelsea
28-Apr-12 Chelsea vs QPR
05-May-12 Liverpool vs Chelsea
13-May-12 Chelsea vs Blackburn Rovers

Kindly note that the first club in the a particular fixture will be the home side and the other one will be playing away.