Manchester City vs Manchester United Live Streaming Online | EPL

Manchester City vs Manchester United Live Streaming, English Premier League (EPL), 30 Apr 12, Monday

Venue: Etihad Stadium

Kick Off: 20.00 Hrs GMT


Manchester City vs Manchester United Live Streaming Online
Manchester City vs Manchester United Live Streaming Online


Beware! As this fixture at Etihad is the potential title decider. Hell, it is the title decider. Only 3 points separating both the Manchester sides in the race towards the coveted Premier League trophy for this season. Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini is still making the same statements that he had been for the past few weeks. But the fact is that City has come back in the scene and can win the league due to superior goal difference.

Mario Balotelli is also available for Manchester City after serving his 3 game ban.

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson despite ruing the draw against Everton still is very confident of winning the title. Not any major injuries on both sides would means their could not be any excuses for failure. Both Chris Smalling and Phil Jones can play major role for Manchester United on Monday.

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Luis Suarez Monster Hit Against Norwich City (Video)

Luis Suarez scored a brilliant hat trick against Norwich City at Carrow Road. And the last of them 3 was something special. Check out the monster shot from almost 50 yards which concluded the hat trick below. All the 3 goals were special bu this one takes the take.

Liverpool won the match 3-0.

Check out the video below.

szólj hozzá: Liverpool v Norwich 0:3 Suarez

Stream New Gojira Song “L’Enfant Sauvage”

The French geniuses called as Gojira are back with their latest full length called as “L’Enfant Sauvage”. And you can check out the latest single of the same name at Pitchfork. Its been four years since their last album “The Way Of All Flesh” came out. This is the bands first album with Roadrunner Records.

The track is beautifully crafted. Its just brings backs memories of the good times we had four years ago when “The Way Of All Flesh” came out. Its as headbangable as any Gojira track goes and melodic too. Joe Duplantier is still screaming his ass off.

Release it already ffs.

Gojira L'Enfant Sauvage Album Art



Gojira “L’Enfant Sauvage” tracklist:

1. Explosia

2. L’Enfant Sauvage

3. The Axe

4. Liquid Fire

5. The Wild Healer

6. Planned Obsolescence

7. Mouth Of Kala

8. The Gift Of Guilt

9. Pain Is A Master

10. Born In Winter

11. The Fall

Valencia vs Atletico Madrid Live Streaming | Europa League

Valencia vs Atletico Madrid Live Streaming, UEFA Europa League, 26 Apr 12, Thursday

Venue: Mestalla

Kick Off: 20.05 Hrs GMT


Valencia vs Atletico Madrid Live Streaming
Valencia vs Atletico Madrid Live Streaming


Unai Emery, the Valencia manager, has admitted this is the biggest match of his career. Valencia lost the first leg 4-2 and things does not look very bright for them. But the crowd behind them at Mestalla, Emery is hoping for a miracle of sorts.

Diego Simeone has got Falcao who has been red hot form all season and even scored a brace in the first leg.

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Athletic Bilbao vs Sporting Lisbon Live Streaming | Europa League

Athletic Bilbao vs Sporting Lisbon Live Streaming, UEFA Europa League, 26 Apr 12, Thursday

Venue: San Mames

Kick Off: 20.05 Hrs GMT


Athletic Bilbao vs Sporting Lisbon Live Streaming
Athletic Bilbao vs Sporting Lisbon Live Streaming


Athletic Bilbao lost the first leg of this this Semi Final fixture against Sporting Lisbon 2-1. But Marceo Bielsa will confident to reach the finals as that away goal is great advantage for the home side. Bilbao has been on a great form in the domestic league and will be roaring to go in front of their home crowd on Thursday.

Sporting Lisbon in all likelihood are going to park the bus a la Chelsea. But Ricardo Sa Pinto does posses a good attacking side and will be looking to attack on regular intervals.

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Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich Live Streaming | Champions League

Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich Live Streaming, UEFA Champions League, 25 Apr 12, Wednesday

Venue: Santiago Bernabeu

Kick Off: 19.45 Hrs GMT

Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich Live Streaming
Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich Live Streaming


With Chelsea already in the finals of the UEFA Champions League, the world awaits to see the club which be their opponent at the Allianz Arena. Bayern Munich travel to Santiago Bernabeu to face Real Madrid in this true battle of giants.

Bayern Munich enjoy a slim lead as they beat Ream Madrid in the first leg 2-1. But Real do have the all important away goal.

Unlike the Chelsea and Barcelona fixture, this match would be more of an even match as in the possession stats won’t favor any one side. Both the clubs are quite attack minded as well, which is even more fun for neutrals like us.

Jose Mourinho is a master tactician and times like these are his forte. But Bayern Munich coach Jupp Heynckes will have some counter plans of his own to frustrate Madrid and their fans.

No major injuries problems on either side have been reported.

Check out the highlights of the first leg fixture between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid below.

szólj hozzá: BAYERN 2-1 RMCF BOSNIA


Barcelona vs Chelsea Live Streaming | Champions League

Barcelona vs Chelsea Live Streaming, UEFA Champions League, 24 Apr 12, Tuesday

Venue: Camp Nou

Kick Off: 19.45 Hrs GMT


Barcelona vs Chelsea Live Streaming
Barcelona vs Chelsea Live Streaming


Barcelona are up against it in the UEFA Champions League. With the La Liga almost certain to be won by their rivals Real Madrid, UEFA Champions League remains the only ‘big’ trophy the Catalans can win this season. Catch all the live streaming online for this fixture.

Chelsea won a hard fought win over Barcelona in the first leg at Stamford Bridge and made sure Barcelona did not get any away goals. They did play majority of the match at their own half, which most of the Barcelona opponents do. But a win is a win and this win was ultra important for the London side to keep any kind of hope alive to reach the finals at Munich.






The Legend of Bollywood BADdies………

Guest Author  – Biswajit Patowari

Check out Author’s blog here.

These Guys!!
These Guys!!

This is a Fan’s tribute to the ultimate symbols of BAD in Indian culture. I always had an admiration for the BADs, but after the recent experience of watching HouseFull 2, the fan inside me has rised again from the ashes. Before I continue, I must state here that HouseFull 2, is worthless and probably the stupidest movie ever made…well till now. It’s a tight slap on the face of common sense and human intelligence.

If you are fond of watching Hindi movies, I mean not just watching but following them, then you must heard of legends such as, Ranjeet, Amrish Puri, Prem Chopra, Jeevan, Ajit, Pran, Bob Bristo, MacMohan and many more. These were the guys who had the responsibility or the onus of carrying a movie forward, especially the hindi movies made during the early sixties and seventies. Without them there was no chutzpah in movies. They were the Yang in Ying Yang. They were the omegas in Alpha Omega. They were…….I could go on but I think I made my point.

In my childhood days, when people used to clap on a Hero’s so called SOLO entry in a movie, I used to eagerly wait for the entry of the Villain. Back then the movies were plain black and white, I mean in a more non-colour philosophical sense. The Hero was White as chalk and the Villain was plain Black as the night. There was no grey area in between them. The hero would do only good things you can possibly think of and the villain would do all the bad things you can ever imagine. There were precise list of things or set formula which were being followed in almost every movie. A hero would atleast save someone’s life, will give to charity; will take care of the old and helpless n numerous other boring things. And a villain would drink, smoke, watch mujra or cabaret, flirt with women then attempt to rape if she refuses his flirts, kidnap Hero’s family and mock death to hit from behind in the climax scene,…….. most of the time in the same order. In short, Villains had to do all the hard work.

And This Guy
And This Guy

Amoung all the good things the hero would do, one good thing were common in almost all the movies and it was to stop a Rape, in progress. And that’s where Ranjeet comes into picture. I could bet in those times, if there is a rape scene in a movie then the main villain would surely be Ranjeet. This fact or trivia was equally acknowledged by Sajid Khan, the director of Housefull Two. Notoriously, Ranjeet is Indian cinema’s Serial Rapist. With those half buttoned shirts, lewd behaviour and menacing horny looks, Ranjeet exuberated true BADness. I couldn’t imagine how women would have reacted, if they would see Ranjeet in real life, in those time. Probably, run away to look for her saviour. I remembered, Amrish Puri in one of his interviews revealed that children used to get afraid seeing him in person. This was the legend of these BADdies. They had to play out the scum of the earth so that the GOOD can be prevailed. I cant see any better example self-sacrifice than this. Prem Chopra is another one of those legends. I consider his dialogue from the movie ‘Bobby’, ‘Prem naam hai mera……Prem Chopra!!!’, right at the top of ‘Top Ten Best Hindi Cinema Lines’. I am pretty sure after this line became a hit, mothers would never have even thought of naming their child ‘Prem’.

Before Housefull, the only true tribute I can remember was in a TV series which used to be aired in Sony TV. It was pretty long time back; I don’t even remember its name. In it there were two family living in a same house, and the eldest son of one of the family used to pray to a Mogambo’s framed picture. In his words, he was ‘Mogambo ka Bhakt!!!’. In other small instances, MacMohan got an appearance in Zoya Akhtar’s movie Luck By Chance. Bytheway unlike Housefull, Luck By Chance was a sensible and intelligent movie.

These guys truly deserve admiration and memento from Indian people. For decades they balanced the equation in a movie. They gave the Hero a purpose in a movie. Many a times, the whole movie is based on ‘How to kill the Villain?’. The so called revenge movies, we had tonne of those. And what did they got in return…….. well nothing much. I am pretty sure their pay were pretty low than the Heroes, this is considering the fact that you cannot imagine a movie without a Villain. They carried society’s dirt by playing out the most unthinkable sinful acts in the silver screen, for what….. for our entertainment….!!!!

Most fittingly, the funniest scene in the movie Housefull 2 was at the last during closing credits, when Akshay Kumar brought Asin to meet his father Ranjeet Vasna K Pujari. To which Ranjeet responded by leering slowly while unbuttoning his shinny silk shirt, and lecherously saying, ‘Baby, Baby, Baby…!!!’. Seeing this Akshay Kumar, shouted, ‘She is your soon-to-be-daughter in law’. To this Ranjeet instantly retraces its step backward, buttoning back his shirt, saying ‘Beti, Beti, Beti….!!!’


An Anti iPhone Rant

Anti-Smartphone……Maybe, ……but Anti-iphone….. Definitely……!!!

Guest Author  – Biswajit Patowari

Check out Author’s blog here.

I represent (part-timely) a small, but significant, group of radical thinkers known as the Anti-Smartphone…rs!!! Well, my stand on Smart phone is bit shaky, sometimes questionable and sometimes,…. I am not proud of it, hypocritical but one thing is sure, I am definitely Anti  iPhone.

I don’t know how or when the seeds of the hatred towards iPhone were planted in me but as long as I could remember I have always been against it. May be it has to do with the fact that Apple has always ignored the Indian Cell phone market. Its strategy in Indian market is, if I am not wrong, filled with biased. May be this is the fact why people in India don’t line up to an Apple store when the new iPhone is launched. The iPad is virtually non-existent in India. But here in Singapore, it’s a totally different story. I remember, when I first came here, and whenever I used take out my Nokia phone in a subway or bus, people used to look at me with sympathy and empathy, as if asking to themselves ‘What is that thing in his hand???’

Not so long ago, I was a proud owner of a Nokia Flip phone. Ya that’s right, a flip phone. I know it sounds like a page from a history or like saying I love antiques. But my flip phone has served me well. I bought this phone, not because it has the best technical features. But because I liked the idea of flipping a phone to pick-up a call or to message somebody. And then at the end slamming it back with a bang. You cant do that with an iPhone. Right here, I can tell you few advantages of my phone over iPhone.

1)      Do you remember the phrase ‘slamming the phone’, its when you slam your phone with a bang if the conversation with the person at the other end is not going well. It was a rage with those cord phone, mostly popularised by movies and TV.  The flip phone was a special tribute this phrase. With a flip phone, you can slam the phone on a person’s face but with an iphone all you can do is to take the phone in your hand and touch it gently, not hurting the phone, to end the call, then shout to phone ‘Fuck U!!!!’.

2)      For this next reason, I would like to take the example from a movie. You must have seen the Leonardo di Caprio, Jack Nicholson and Matt Damon movie ‘The Departed’. I have seen this movie 2 – 3 times. And, if you have too, then  you must remember the scene in which cops have rigged a meeting place, where Jack Nicholson gang is meeting with an asian gang. In that scene, the gang meeting switched to a place where there isn’t any camera. Leo was aware of this, he had to improvise, so he messaged Martin Sheen character from his phone without taking it out of the pocket and without looking at the phone screen. Now tell me, can you do that with an iPhone.

I can jolt down here many other advantages, but I think you have got the idea.

As long as we are talking about movies, imagine a scene in your head. A hero slamming his flip phone after getting a distress call and then giving a badass expression. Done..!!! Now imagine the same scene with an Iphone. Not cool enough right?

For me, phone such as Neo’s phone in the ‘The Matrix’, remember the sliding phone which you need to slide everytime he had to call or pick-up a call, were legen…..dary. Now that was a stylish. I may be a bit old fashioned but I think there is big difference between Stylish and Sleek. An iPhone is just plain sleek.

You may argue here that the iPhone is good because of the feature it has which, in turns, helps us in our daily life. If this is the case, then does a phone really needs those features and should’nt it be used just for calling someone. Would you prefer to text someone or rather actually call to hear what he/she has to say? Would you connect to a person by actually talking to him/her or by waiting for a reply to your text or status or tweet?

This is what an iPhone has done. In the name of connecting people, it had, actually, built a wall of uncertainty around us.

iPhone has built a world where a person is judged by what phone he is carrying.

Well, hold your thoughts, these are not actually my thoughts, These questions were actually on the minds of the revolutionary thinkers, who created the legendary “JohnPhone”. Check out the link

I seriously think, the phone is named John Phone, simply to piss-off iPhone. The tagline of the phone says ‘World’s Simplest Cell Phone’. And that’s what it is. It has no display, just a key-pad.  And ya, you cannot save your numbers in this phone. Guess what you have to do save numbers in phone, well you will have to write it down. On the back of the phone there is a small booklet, where you can write down your preferred numbers. The phone accessories are a pen and an ear-phone. The battery will run for atleast a week without charging.

Sounds more like a concept than a phone …..right????. But it’s a reality. I couldn’t believe it at first. It’s amazing how people thought of what smartphones are doing to today’s society, and actually came up with a solution. And from what I have read, these are a rage in Europe.


You may notice I keep blaming iPhone, but the fact is all the other smartphone makers are doing the same. Samsung, Motorola, Sony, Nokia and others are equally to blame for. But fact is iPhone started all this brouhaha. In the beginning, Apple was the rebel in the block. Just watch its eighties Machintosh ad video in the youtube and you will get the idea. Back then it was sole torchbearer against big companies. But now its becoming the same what it fought for? Steve Jobs is regarded as God. No disrespect to him, but what is his contribution to science? iPod, iPad iPhone. I remember when Steve Jobs died, the facebook was filled with RIP messages and in the small corner the FB wall there was a small RIP about Dennis Ritchie ‘Father of C language and Unix’. I am sure even Steve Jobs would have praised the efforts of Dennis Ritchie if he would alive.  It’s actually e….We have created the monster known as Apple. Today if someone is buying a new phone, people will laugh if he is not thinking about iPhone. iPhone has become the very definition of a cellphone.


All these thoughts and the events in Foxconn made me change my mind and stopped me from joining the masses by buying an iPhone. Would you believe it, I had even selected the Iphone cover in internet before buying one.

But instead I bought a Samsung Galaxy W. Well ya Ok…. it’s a smart phone…….but atleast its not an iPhone…..


P.S. I have nothing against my friends who owns an iPhone………


Manchester United/Manchester City | The Battle for Premier League Titles Commences


The script is either absolute f@#king genius or it is right out weirded out to the max. The latest Premier League points table has come alive again and its nasty this time. Manchester United toppled up neighbors Manchester City with a lead of one point by beating Norwich at home. Wayne Rooney scored two important goals and those were enough to see through Norwich. United did flunked couple of chances late at the game.

Can Roberto Mancini's City win the Premier League?

Meanwhile, Manchester City couldn’t break through Swansea’s defence at Liberty Stadium. Swansea has been very naughty this season as they have managed to beat a whole lot of big teams at home and away. Substitute Luke Moore headed away pass Joe Hart to score the only goal of the match.

So,right now, only one point separates the two Manchester sides at the top of the Premier League. Robert Mancini has already come out and said that the derby on 30th April would be the ultimate decider for the title. But the feeling is that, it might be decide bit earlier than Mr. Mancini expects it to be.

Manchester City still has the edge on goal difference and it could prove very vital in the end.

With 10 games remaining in the season, this is the testing period for all the clubs. And when you are at the top, it is shitting bricks time.

Manchester City are still very proud of the depth in their squad. And Carlos Tevez coming back can provide the much needed impetus for the club. City has found scoring tough at crucial points in the season. Though, the Blues had their fair share good run ins as well which makes them equal, if not, better than Manchester United.

Can Sir Alex's United trump City?

Sir Alex Ferguson has again shown why he still manages Manchester United. It is his man management skill which makes the current United side lead the table. Re signing Paul Scholes now seems like a genius move and with Cleverley improving every day, this United side will believe that they could win this season and the see saw battle against City.