2011 FIFA Puskas Award, 10 Nominees for Best Goal of the Season (Video) | Part 1

It is that time of the season again, when FIFA starts the voting to choose the best goal of the season. Yes, there is a Lionel Messi goal and no Cristiano Ronaldo goal. Wayne Rooney’s goal against Manchester City also makes the cut too. The voting is open in the FIFA website and it closes on 5 Dec 11.

Here is the nominee list and the video for each goal selected by FIFA for 2011 FIFA Puskas Award.

1) Benjamin de Ceulaer (Belgium) vs Club Brugge



2) Giovani Dos Santos (Mexico) vs USA



3) Julio Gomez (Mexico U 17) vs Germany U 17



4) Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden) vs Lecce



5) Lisandro Lopez (Argentina) vs Olimpo

Not to be confused with the Lisandro Lopez, who plays in the French club Lyon.



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George Clooney to Play Steve Jobs?

George Clooney is apparently the leading choice for playing the late Apple boss Steve Jobs. Hell Yeah we say. The ultimate fight for the role is between George Clooney and his Noah Wyle. Both the actors were together in the hospital drama ER.

The film is suppose to get rolling next year and will be based on the book by Walter Isaacson called as Steve Jobs. Amongst other names, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin of ‘The Social Network’ fame has been roped in for the movie.

As everyone knows, the mercurial entrepreneur who founded Apple died last month from cancer. Clooney should be able to pay proper homage to one of the World’s most influential persons.

Eagerly waiting for those tripping on acid scenes.


Isn’t it High Time for Torres to Move On from the Liverpool Move?

Before we go ahead with our real motive with the following post, let us take a look at the statements made by Chelsea striker Fernando Torres in the Spanish daily Marca. Torres said, “Liverpool’s fans have stuck with the story the club gave and they don’t know the real story. I don’t feel bitter towards them, they will always be special for me. I owe so much to Rafa Benítez, no one understood me like him. He’s a great coach. His teams go out with just one thing in mind to compete. Even with a smaller budget his teams can compete with the best.”

The bit about Rafa Benitez is probably spot on. He was a furious manager at Liverpool and demanded intensity from everyone. Some of the 4-4 results are good enough reason of his competitiveness.

Now, toward the bit about the Liverpool fans. Just get over with it man. Liverpool fans have moved on to other things such as Luis Suarez, Charlie Adam & Andy Carroll. It is high time Fernando Torres moved on to other things such as scoring goals for Chelsea. Torres has scored 5 goals in his 30 appearances for Chelsea, which is not earth shattering by any means. But it is understood by everyone that it takes time to adapt to a new club and all that jazz. Still a player of Torres’s quality has bound to score a bit more goals than what he has for Chelsea, till now.

The management at Chelsea football club has given all the support to the Spanish striker. Chelsea even bought Torres’s national team mate Juan Mata, who is is goal assisting machine, seriously he is. With such awesome support a world class striker should be scoring at will. And that is what everyone wants to see rather whining about leaving the previous club.

To be honest, Liverpool club hasn’t really said anything about the transfer of Torres in January other than the striker leaving the club at the last moment.

But still, this 2011, and a lot bigger things are happening for Christ’s sake. So, let’s just move on.

Manchester City Reports Record Breaking Losses

The noisy neighbors are creating more noises, this time, for the wrong reasons though. Been told, that Manchester City have just reported the biggest loss in the English Premier League, ever. The amount eclipses Chelsea’s losses worth 141 million pounds in 2005 into oblivion.

Manchester City announced that they have suffered a loss of 197 million pound in the financial year 2010 – 11. But this figure does not tell yo the complete figure and there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

This calculation of losses does not figure the whopping mega sponsorship deal Manchester City has with Etihad Airways. That deal alone is worth 35 million pounds per year for a decade. Also, the profit City has made by qualifying in to the UEFA Champions League is also not considered.

Sheikh Mansour has invested about 800 million in buying players since he took over the club in 2008. We have full details of Manchester City’ transfer activities from 2008. Check out Part 1 & Part 2 of their transfer movements. Yes, it needed 2 parts to lay down everything City had done till now.

The Word ‘Negrito’ – Luis Suarez Racism Debacle

The secret is out. Well, actually, we now know the word which Luis Suarez said to Patrice Evra. Yes, the word which started this whole debacle and to be honest, now that we know the word and its meaning, the whole issue just got a tad more confusing. The word, ladies and gentlemen, is ‘Negrito’. And the reason for that confusion is that it is also a word which can have different meaning with different perceptive. Which means that it is like a lot of other words in different languages, which have different meanings in different surroundings.

Basically the word will have different meaning depending upon the When’s, How’s & Where’s of the word being said.

Going forward, let’s see how Wikipedia describes the term Negrito. According to Wikipedia ‘The term “Negrito” is the Spanish diminutive of negro, i.e. “little black person”, referring to their small stature, and was coined by early European explorers.”

So Negrito literally means little black person. And it origins from the term ‘Negro’.

Another Wikipedia excerpt tells us that “It is similar to the use of the word “nigga” in urban communities in the United States. For example, one might say to a friend, “Negro Como andas (literally “Hey, black one, how are you doing?”). In this case, the diminutive negrito is used, as a term of endearment meaning “pal”, “buddy” or “friend”. Negrito has come to be used to refer to a person of any ethnicity or color, and also can have a sentimental or romantic connotation similar to “sweetheart,” or “dear” in English (in the Philippines, negrito was used for a local dark-skinned short person, living in the Negros islands among other places).”

Now the above description from Wikipedia tells us that the word ‘negrito’ is basically used as an endearment term. Now, coming back to the Luis Suarez case, it is hard for any person on this planet except Suarez himself , to tell us how did he mean it, when he used the term against Evra.

By the looks of it, look like FA has got a big load of a MOTHER in their hand with this case. And  we wish them good luck in their efforts to resolve the issue.

Sources for the excerpts: Wikipedia

Twilight Movie Fans Stats, Shocking Results

Alright, this is nuts or maybe we all just underestimated the power of teens in the virtual world. From the statistics picture below, you can check out how the Twilight fans outnumber one of the greatest metal bands of all time Metallica. Yeah, we know about Lulu. But still Metallica is pretty big deal.

Hell the Twilight fans have even outnumbered Jesus Christ. Check it out yourselves.
#Twilight Saga and Breaking Dawn Stats [Infographic]
Source: #Twilight Saga and Breaking Dawn Stats [Infographic]

5 Year Old Charlie Jackson is the New Recruit for Manchester United

Crazy world of Football just bit crazier now. Manchester United scouts have recruited 5 year old Charlie Jackson, the little lad has joined the Manchester United development center. Apparently the scouts were interested in the boy since he was 3 years old. But were only allowed to get his services when he turned five.

Charlie Jackson, though, is City fan. His favorite footballers are Joe Hart & Mario Balotelli. That kid is growing fast. Even Manchester City were interested in the boy but credit should be given to United’s scout to lure the boy into Old Trafford, eventually.

Check out the awesome video below to find out exactly what this kid got.


Guus Hiddink to Ponder Over Chelsea Job After Turkey Exit

A defeat against Croatia in Zagreb and not qualifying for the next Euro was a good enough reason for Guus Hiddink to leave his current job as Turkey’s national team coach. A man of Guus Hiddink’s potential will not have any problems finding a new job but the man himself is thinking about going to back to Chelsea Football CLub, a club where he has worked before. Its not secret that Roman Abramovich is a fan of the Dutchman and has offered him the the role of Director of Football few months ago.

Now Hiddink is thinking about going to the club for the same position. But as per his statement in a leading daily, he will not rush to any decision and will take time to consider any job options.

Guus Hiddink also has an option of going back to him home country and work for Ajax in Eredivisie. We wish him good luck at wherever he goes, a fine coach of all time.