Liverpool vs Manchester United | EPL | 15 Oct 11

Liverpool vs Manchester United, Barclays Premier League, Match Preview

Kick Off: 12.45

Venue: Anfield, Liverpool


Before we start this, let us just make one thing clear, that Liverpool vs Manchester United is still Premier League’s top derby. And the statement is beyond any kind of bolloxed arguments. As bad a season Liverpool witnessed last year, both the matches against Manchester United had the same level of intensity to it.

After 7 matches Manchester United sit at the top with 19 points whereas Liverpool are in the 5th position with 15 points. so a win for Liverpool at Anfield will set up the points table beautifully. Don’t know about the position Liverpool will be after the match on 15 Oct 11 but they would just be a point behind the red Manchester side.

Though, to overcome United’s force the Reds will have to display the finest of football on that day. Probably the best of the season so far. Manchester United with Vidic back will as menacing as they have been this season. Manchester United have got a red hot strike force. Rooney, Welbeck & Hernandez have been frightening the defenders for seven matches now. Plus the addition of Nani to this line up acts as the catalyst for the Manchester side.

Liverpool have not been bad this season yet, other than the couple of losses while playing away. While attacking the force has been with Liverpool on most of the occasions. Luis Suarez can single handedly destroy Manchester United’s defence. Andy Carroll seems to get in to the groove with every match. The bashing which he generates online is quite amusing. Liverpool will have their Captain Fantastic Steven Gerard back, fully fit. One gets the feeling that he will start this weekend. Gerard coming back is huge for Liverpool in every aspect of hugeness.

But Liverpool do have a problem with their defence as it is not easy to ignore. Injury to Daniel Agger is massive for their defence. But it does not mean that they cannot cope with the challenges put forth by the opposition.




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