The Curious Case of Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez
Luis Suarez


Love him or hate him but you cannot ignore the brilliance of a certain Anfield player nowadays. On his bad days he comes with a couple of assists or wins a penalty for you. And the good ones makes the opposition cry, quite literally. But this article is not about Luis Suarez the player in a football field but rather than the perception of fans and pundits across the world about the player in the field.

Suarez, as brilliant as a player is for his club and country has come under criticism recently. People seem to have gotten over the ‘hand of god’ incidence from this last FIFA World Cup. But some of his antiques has not gone down well with some people. Experts and some of the fellow players have labeled him as a blatant diver. Some says he instigates the refrees every time he goes down. And recently he is also accused of being a racist by Patrice Evra.

Paul Scharner of West Bromwich Albion has recently accused Luis Suarez of a ‘nice dive’ apparently. You can check out the full story here. To be honest the accusation seems completely absurd as Suarez didn’t even appeal for a penalty. It might have been a soft touch but the referee took the decision without Suarez’s influence.

Racism is something which we cannot delve into for the lack of evidence present to us but everyone has seen the stuff he does in a match. It can look like that he sometimes does go overboard with the complaining and might have taken a dive or two but he is also pretty misunderstood at times.

Maybe its envy or naivety with some people but here at Thick Accent the verdict is clear. Luis Suarez is a beautiful footballer and will be an Anfield legend very soon if not already.

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