Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich Live Streaming | Champions League

Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich Live Streaming, UEFA Champions League, 25 Apr 12, Wednesday

Venue: Santiago Bernabeu

Kick Off: 19.45 Hrs GMT

Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich Live Streaming
Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich Live Streaming


With Chelsea already in the finals of the UEFA Champions League, the world awaits to see the club which be their opponent at the Allianz Arena. Bayern Munich travel to Santiago Bernabeu to face Real Madrid in this true battle of giants.

Bayern Munich enjoy a slim lead as they beat Ream Madrid in the first leg 2-1. But Real do have the all important away goal.

Unlike the Chelsea and Barcelona fixture, this match would be more of an even match as in the possession stats won’t favor any one side. Both the clubs are quite attack minded as well, which is even more fun for neutrals like us.

Jose Mourinho is a master tactician and times like these are his forte. But Bayern Munich coach Jupp Heynckes will have some counter plans of his own to frustrate Madrid and their fans.

No major injuries problems on either side have been reported.

Check out the highlights of the first leg fixture between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid below.

szólj hozzá: BAYERN 2-1 RMCF BOSNIA


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