The Great fall of RGV……..

Guest Author  – Biswajit Patowari

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RGV(Ramgopal Varma) was a legend in Indian Cinema…. But now he is just caricature of person who has turn into mere words. And quite a shit load of words.

It took me quite a lot of daring and courage to watch the trailer of his new movie ‘Department’. I was afraid that it would turn out to be another one of his mis-guided venture. And man I was so right. I feel pity for the people who actually went to see the movie. When you can predict the fate of a movie by just looking at the trailer ….actually you cannot predict the fate of the movie by just looking at the trailer, but somehow with RGV’s present movies, you can do just that.

I am still a RGV fan at heart. I guess after Satya, he had made many fans like me. And because of Satya, I always will be RGV fan. Satya was made at a time when Indian Cinema was flooded with nonsense and formula movies. RGV came and gave a tight slap to all of them, singlehandedly. He was the symbol dare and difference. He paved way for many more. For me, he is like Sourav Ganguly of Indian Cinema, if you know what I mean. RGV is still one of the tiniest inspirations behind today’s diverse choice of Indian Movies. For instance, you can relate any present gangster movies to RGV movies; the acting, the set, the whole tone of the movie.

But now, he is churning out movies just for the heck of it. Infact, the only change in his present movies from his earlier movies are the camera angles. I mean what’s with those weird camera angles. There were few scenes in the last movie I saw, Sarkar Raj, where the scene was shot from under the table overlooking someone’s dhoti and nostrils. And what’s with those haunting background score. Satya was probably one of the only movies, when people started noticing the importance of a good background score, Remember Sandeep Chowta’s brilliant score. RGV actually brought that into Indian Cinema. But now it’s a torture to the ear drums. How can a man of technical background ignore the technicalities of a movie?

I supported him when he went after Karan Johar. The fan me inside supported him. But I didn’t support ‘RGV ki Aag’. No way in hell……. It was a colossal mistake, and this is how you can tell that the guy is stubborn. Stubborn is good but only in small but regular dosage.

Now, when I read the review of his movie, ya read ‘coz I don’t have the guts to actually see the movie, I don’t feel angry, I feel sad. I feel hurt. I really want RGV to make movie, but for Indian Cinema’s sake please take a break… fact take a long break. I want to say and read the first sentence of the post as ‘RGV is a Legend…..!!!’

(P.S. I also want RGV to leave Big B alone)



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