Elementary, New Sherlock Holmes TV Series 2012 Trailer

Sherlock Holmes in Manhattan.

The new tv series ‘Elementary’ by CBS is taking Sherlock Holmes to the USA. And his assistant Dr. Watson will be a female. This new take on adventures of Sherlock Holmes is mainly catered to the US audience.

Elementary stars Jonny Lee Miller, the London born actor, in the lead role of Sherlock Holmes with Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson. Obviously, being in New York, Sherlock would be helping out the NYPD to solve crime.

Star Cast:

1) Jonny Lee Miller –  Sherlock Holmes.

2) Lucy Liu – Dr. Joan Watson

3) Aidan Quinn – Capt. Tobias Gregson

It would be very tough to reach the heights of BBC’s Sherlock, which had a scintillating star cast with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in the lead roles of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson  respectively. And it was the funnies, wittiest, smartest thrillers of all time.

Check out the fall preview trailer video of ‘Elementary’ below.

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