John Terry Found Not Guilty of Racism Against Anton Ferdinand

London Court clears Chelsea Captain John Terry of racism charges against QPR defender Anton Ferdinand.

The verdict is out and the FA has found John Terry not guilty of racism against Anton Ferdinand of QPR. The Chelsea captain has been acquitted of racially abusing claims by Ferdinand.

The statement by the court while acquitting John Terry of racism charges was that it was ‘impossible to be sure what were the words spoken by Mr Terry.’

There was a massive cheer from the crowd that had gathered outside the Westminster Magistrates court. John Terry and Chelsea fans were obviously relieved after hearing to the verdict.

The main agenda was John Terry calling Ferdinand a ‘f****** black c***’  as well as a ‘f****** k***head’ but it was proved in the court that Terry meant it sarcastically. Okay, so, how does this work? You can literally call somebody anything derogatory but if the accused adds sarcasm to it, then its all good? Doesn’t make much sense but this is what got John Terry acquitted of any racism charges against Anton Ferdinand.

This is definitely going to piss off a certain player by the name of Luis Suarez who was handed a 8 match ban for racially abusing Patrice Evra of Manchester United. Apparently, in Suarez’s case their even wasn’t a video evidence against the Liverpool player, which was available against John Terry.

Be that as it may, the verdict won’t be able to clean up England and Chelsea captain’s image with the global footballing population. John Terry, who always seem to be surrounded by controversies, might have managed to dodge a bullet with this verdict but he still needs to do lot to clean up his image. Every footballer goes through a lot of tensions in the football field for obvious reasons but it is no excuse to ‘let it tip’ in front of the public.



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