Top 10 Highest Paid Actors of the World

Hollywood is money churner and rightly so Forbes has released the list of  highest paid actors of 2012. Tom Cruise tops the list with $75 million. And Tom Cruise is way ahead of any other actors as the Leonardo DiCaprio, who is second on the list earned $37 million.

Check out the top 10 highest paid actors of the world list below.

1) Tom Cruise ($75 million)

Tom cruise might be having problems with his marriage life at the moment. We are talking about his divorce with Katie Holmes obviously. But he is certainly having no problem career wise. ‘Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol’ was a super hit and his upcoming flick ‘Jack Reacher’ looks bad ass too.

2) Leonardo DiCaprio ($37 million)

Leonardo DiCaprio’s last movie ‘J Edgar’ couldn’t do much at the box office but he still is one of the highest paid actors around the world. ‘Django Unchained’ will probably be changing that trend.

3) Adam Sandler ($37 million)

Inclusion of Adam Sandler can take some people by surprise but he still is one of the biggest movie earners around. Last movie ‘Grown Ups’ wasn’t probably his best movie but still managed to make a lot of money. Up next for Adam Sandler is ‘Hotel Transylvania’.

4) Dwayne Johnson ($36 million)

After coming in to movies from the world of wrestling, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has been giving blockbusters consistently. He will next be seen in the next ‘G. I. Joe’ flick.

5) Ben Stiller (&33 million)

Ben Stiller has been one of the busiest actors around. He is on the list because of franchises such as ‘Meet the Parents’, ‘Night at the Museum’ and ‘ Madagascar’.

6) Sacha Baron Cohen ($30 million)

We wonder, how does a person like Sacha Baron Cohen utilizes all this money. It would be some very interesting stuff indeed. The Dictator is ball out crazy.

7) Johnny Depp ($30 million)

‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise is still doing it for Johnny Depp. His next flick would be ‘The Lone Ranger’.

8) Will Smith ($30 million)

Again, franchises are doing great. ‘Men in Black’  has got Will Smith in the 8th spot of highest paid actors.

9) Mark Wahlberg ($27 million)

Mark Wahlberg’s latest flick ‘Ted’ is hilarious. Thats all.

10) Taylor Lautner ($26 million)

‘Abduction’ & ‘Twilight’ has got this 20 year old actor in the top 10 highest paid actors list. Good for him.

Source: Forbes



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