Latest Movies News | Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Clip, Daniel Radcliffe to Act in ‘Horns’

Latest Movies News | 18 Jul 12

1) Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, new video clip and poster unveiled at Comic-Con.

First up, we have the news from the Silent Hill camp at Comic-Con. A brand new clip and a poster has been released for the upcoming 3D horror flick based on the popular video game of the same name.

Full Story: TotalFilm

Check out the video clip from Silent Hill: Revelation 3D below.


2) Daniel Radcliffe to play the main suspect in supernatural thriller ‘Horns’

Joe Hill’s bestseller ‘Horns’ is getting adapted into a movie. The movie would be directed by acclaimed director Alexandre Aja of ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ fame. Daniel Radcliffe will play the main character Ig Perrish, who is suspected of raping and killing his girlfriend.

Full Story: Entertainment Weekly

3) Brand new Total Recall clip shows Kate Beckinsale fighting furiously

Total Recall, getting released on 3 Aug 2012, has got a new clip online. And thanks to the wonderful people at comingsoon, we can see the clip below. Furious action as Kate Beckinsale, who is playing the role of ‘Lori’ is fighting against Jessica Biel and Collin Farrell.

Full Story: ComingSoon

Watch the ‘Total Recall’ Clip below.




4) Neill Blomkamp’s next movie after Elysium would be the Sci-Fi comedy ‘Chappie’

Neill Blomkamp, who shot to fame with his epic alien sci-fi flick ‘District 9’ will be getting into comedy. His latest flick, Elysium starring Matt Damon is going to be released in 2013. And the director said at Comic-Con that he would like to get into comedy sci-fi now, which would be called as ‘Chappie’.

Full Story: Slashfilm


5) Vince Gilligan shares his though on the possibility of a ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie

‘Breaking Bad’ is one of the most entertaining television series of all time. And it’s creator Vince Gilligan is intersted in making a movie based on the series.

Full Story: Cinemablend

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