Team GB vs Brazil 0-2 Highlights (Video) | Olympic Warm Up

Team GB vs Brazil 0-2 Highlights (Video) | Olympic Warm Up  | 20 July 2012

Team GB were lucky enough not lose by a bigger margin as Brazil showed their ultimate class. Soon to be a Chelsea player Oscar was instrumental with Hulk and Neymar proving to be a bit too much for Team GB’s defence.

Tottenham’s Sandro scored the first goal assisted by a Neymar free kick and then Neymar himself turned up to take a penalty and the final scoreline remained 0-2 in Brazil’s favor.

Stuart Pearce’s Team GB had only one shot on target, Craig Bellamy of Liverpool being that player.

Neymar did make a sensational dive though, which kind of spoils the fun. As he is great player with great touches and doesn’t need to do such mediocrities.

Check out all the highlights and the goals from the Olympic warm up match between Team GB vs Brazil below.



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