Being Liverpool: Trailer for Liverpool FC Documentary (Video)

Being Liverpool: Trailer for Liverpool FC Behind the Scenes Documentary (Video)

‘Being Liverpool’ is the new 6 part documentary series which would air on Fox Network, USA on 16 September 2012. Earlier the documentary series was suppose to called as ‘Our Liverpool: Never Walk Alone’, but since then the name have been changed to ‘Being Liverpool’.

As many would expect the documentary will cover on the various aspects of Liverpool Football Club, their past glories, their present status and the future ahead of the club. With Brendan Rodgers being named the new boss at Liverpool, their would be a lot of focus on his philosophies of the game. But the documentary series will have much more that.

Their recent struggling form in the Premier League and Europe will probably be discussed too.

Lucas Leiva runs like beast.

Check out the trailer (Video) for ‘Being Liverpool’ documentary below.

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