Daniel Agger Gets a New ‘YNWA’ Tattoo on his Fingers

Daniel Agger Gets a New ‘YNWA’ Tattoo on his Fingers

Don’t know what should Liverpool fans make of this but it is clear defender Daniel Agger loves his current club. There is no doubting that. Only yesterday, Brendan Rodgers mentioned that every player has a price and you can ‘never say never’ in football. But it doesn’t look like Daniel Agger wants to be anywhere but at the Anfield side.

Rumors of him leaving for clubs like Manchester City and Real Madrid have been aplenty. But if the tattoo is anything to go by, the Dane is at Liverpool for the long haul. He already enjoys a legendary status at the club.

Check out the image of Daniel Agger’s new YNWA tattoo below. You would need to look hard at the pic.


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