Luisao Knocks the Referee Down, But Did He, Really? (Video)

Luisao Knocks the Referee Down, But Did He, Really? (Video)

The following incident took place in a friendly between Fortuna Dusseldorf and Benfica. Just before half time, Referee Christian Fischer awarded a foul against Benfica which started a normal revolt from Benfica players. Nothing unusual, it happens every time. But then Benfica captain Luisao came a little strongly towards the referee and the next thing everyone saw is that referee was down on the ground, motionless for while. He was surrounded other officials as the medical team treated him.

Now, if you see the video of the incident below, the contact doesn’t seem so extreme. At least, it couldn’t have taken a man down unconscious.

Well the referee, Christian Fischer, recovered and then abandoned the match.

And this has not gone down well with Fortuna Dusseldorf and they would be reporting Benfica to the UEFA.

This is bizarre.

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