Bigg Boss 6 – 9 October Video and Highlights of the Day

Bigg Boss 6: 9 October Episode Highlights and Video

1. Navjot Siddhu turns marriage counselor and advisor to Rajeev Paul. (his divorced ex-wife Delnaaz is also a contestant in Bigg Boss 6 and she is also in the house right now)

Siddhu’s top dialogues:

“Kaam-daam rishton se badey nahin hote”

“Not even a mule denies a female”

and this was Siddhuism at its very best:

The Family is more sacred than the State

And it worked.

Within five minutes, Rajeev Paul was ready to accept Delnaaz back as wife. Siddhu asked to give it to him in writing. (you can get the details in the video)

2. Bigg Boss calls Sapna (the hair stylist) to the confession room – watch video for details

In her normal life she doesn’t meet such people, she says….what kind of people does she meet?

3. Task time

Luxury Budget, Funny Costumes, and a special Joker act on the hand pump

Watch video below:

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