Bigg Boss 6 – 29 October Episode Video

Politics was in the air in the Bigg Boss House in today’s (29 October) episode. Bigg Boss announced two political parties in the house, one led by Urvashi and the other by Niketan. Urvashi was given Rajiv Paul as her second-in-command while Navjot Siddhu was to be the main guy for Niketan.

Soon both leaders were busy making speeches, announcing their party manifestos, party slogans etc. Everything that was announced seemed to be rhyming.

Sample this, from Urvashi’s party:

Nahin hone denge hum kisi par atyachar

kyonki hum karte hain sabse pyar

Siddhu-Niketan’s party had a more nationalistics fervour, announcing how they would work for the emancipation of women and wouldn’t allow Mother India to be auctioned.
Of course, there was some regular bickering – one between Vrajesh and Sapna was almost nonsensical, over some inane joke by Sapna which Vrajesh refused to take as a joke. (watch video for more)

Bigg Boss didn’t allow the politics to end there, and attempted to infuse more controversy by setting up another inmate (we won’t spoil all the fun, will we) against Rajeev Paul. Did she succeed?

Also watch in the video below the varying shades of Sampat, the woman in pink.


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