Dimitar Berbatov Showcases his awesome Godfather Drawings on Facebook



[/mt_one_half] Dimitar Berbatov, perhaps known for his smoothness with the football, is also very smooth on a drawing sheet. Berba has been showcasing his work for quite some time now, but it is really getting a lot of attention after his Marlon Brando drawing from ‘The Godfather’.

The Fulham striker, posted the image (see below) on his official Facebook Page after he scored the match winner and the only goal of the match against Stoke City. It was a sublime volley to win the match last weekend, matched equally by sublimeness of his drawing.

While digging more on this topic (the photos section) we found out that, Berba has already done Bruce Willis, Hugh Hefner, Hugh Laurie and Louis de Funès. All of them can be seen below.

Could be more, should be,  looks like he is a fantastic artist off the field too.


Marlon Brando from The Godfather

Berba draws Marlon Brando



Hugh Laurie from House

Berba draws House' Hugh Laurie


Hugh Hefner

Berba draws Hugh Hefner


Louis de Funès + Bruce Willis
Louis de Funès + Bruce Willis


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