El Shaarawy, Balotelli & Niang | A look at the deadly Milan Striking Trio



[/mt_one_half] AC Milan, lethal, goals and hair style, these are the first words that comes to your mind when you hear the words El Shaarawy, Balotelli and Niang together.

A new young attacking trio is getting shaped at AC Milan and it is already looking quite threatening. The club is brimming with the fact that they have managed to assimilate such a potent option in attack. Balotelli went aggro from the first match itself when he scored both the goals in Milan’s 2-0 win over Sampdoria.

They are young, Balotelli is 22, El Shaarawy is 20 and M’baye Niang is just 18. And with the amount of football in front of them, if it clicks, Milan’s future would at least be rocking. Not so much for the opponents though.

Both Balotelli and El Shaarawy,  have developed an understanding, even before Mario’s transfer from Manchester City to Milan. As they had played together in the national team in a friendly against France. Both seem to work with each other and have developed a friendship too.

[mt_blockquote author=”El Shaarawy, too, agrees.”] Balotelli and I? I think it’s good for our football, we’re an example. It’s important for us to integrate. Trust and space should be given to young players. Balotelli and I are doing well, but we must continue together and work hard. Mario Balotelli and I have a relationship that goes beyond football – we have a beautiful friendship. We are two young men, it’s an important thing for Italian football and I think we’re being envied in other leagues. Mario and I are two strikers with different qualities. He’s very technical and I’m fast so there is a good agreement. [/mt_blockquote]

M’baye Niang, who came to AC Milan in the summer transfer window from Ligue 2 side Caen has already extended his contract till 2017. And before Baltelii arrived, Niang got his fair share of chances and he too, seems to have developed a good understanding with El Shaarawy.

Niang is also like a beast, the kind who does not look very beastly, at least not right now. Making aggressive runs through the right hand side and with the likes of El Shaarawy and Balotelli up front, the trio being a total nightmare for defenders.

Besides their footballing skills, an uncanny similarity towards the top of their heads could be found as well. Similarly ghastly hair structures. A lot of work has also gone towards their hair styles, look at the image below.. Is this a coincidence or is there a pattern to it?


Gone are the days, albeit good days, of The Rossoneri being a team of experienced players only. This a new look Milan side, with youngster at the forefront with a solid base of experienced players. Exciting times ahead.

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