Liverpool rumors intensify as Tom Ince reveals his desire to move

[ad#m1]The Anfield Club did try very hard as they appeared very determined to sign the Blackpool striker in the January Transfer Window.

But due to unexpected turn of events, Tom Ince fears his chances are probably lost, the ones which could land him as  a forward, supported by the likes of Steven Gerrard and Lucas.

Which is amazing, considering the fact that it was Liverpool who sold Ince to Blackpool back in 2011.

Thomas Ince’s father, Paul who is an ex- Liverpool player was appointed as the manager for his present team Blackpool. It is indeed a tale of two interesting choices for this young player, either to stay as son to his boss at Blackpool or to join the team which has won not one or two but 5 champion league cups.

But Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has made it extremely clear he will not give up on Ince, whom he sees as an upcoming icon in his team. Rodgers is hopeful Blackpool will accept a bid around £4m.

We do understand the crux of the situation as to why Liverpool desperately need to sign this player after all he was awarded Football League’s Young Player of the Year trophy and is one of the fast growing young prospect in the country.

Liverpool is hopeful that Paul Ince’s past allegiance with the club might make the negotiations a tad easier.

Talking about the numerous transfer rumors, Ince Junior remarked,

“It’s great having that speculation and it’s very flattering. Every player wants to play at the top level but that comes with time and patience. I’ve just turned 21. I need to make mistakes and learn from them. I need to make sure that if I go to the Premier League, I am ready to go.”

If this deal is successful, Anfield will have a new young warrior to help the team turn the history books and rewrite a glorious future for the Reds.

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