Video: Jose Mourinho takes parting shots at Brendan Rodgers post Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool


Jose Mourinho, who is still undefeated against Brendan Rodgers, let out a very subtle yet extraordinary rant directed at his Liverpool counterpart after Chelsea went through to the finals of Capital One Cup.

The Portuguese talked about Rodgers time at Stamford Bridge as a youth coach and pointed out that the Liverpool manager failed to praise his own players during the post match interview and instead focused on the superb performance of Chelsea players.

“We are very different persons,” said Mourinho. “He worked with me at Chelsea. I don’t know whether or not he learned from me.”

[youtube id=”Zfi9fk40sRg” align=”center” mode=”normal”]

“We are different. I could speak about Skrtel and I don’t. He speaks about Courtois and forgets Mignolet. He speaks about my keeper, but when I do I speak about him?”

“To say Courtois played fantastic, I could say the same about Mignolet. We have different profiles, he is a fantastic manager but we are different persons.”

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