Man Utd’s Phil Jones is the best U23 centre back in Europe [CIES]


Research from CIES Football Observatory has revealed the best performing U23 players in Europe in the following categories: centre backs, full backs, defensive midfielders, attacking midfielders  and forwards.

Manchester United centre-half Phil Jones can surprisingly be found at the top of the centre backs list ahead of Real Madrid’s Raphaël Varane and Marquinhos of PSG.

Check out the full list covering all the positions below.

The rankings are based on the CIES Football Observatory exclusive Key performance indicators in the following areas of the game:

#Shooting: ability to take advantage of goal opportunities through accurate shooting.
#Chance creation: ability to put teammates in a favourable position to strike.
#Take on: ability to create dangerous situations by successfully challenging opponents.
#Distribution: ability to keep a hold on the game through efficient passing.
#Recovery: ability to minimise goal opportunities for opponents through proficient interception work.
#Rigour: ability to minimise goal opportunities for opponents through robust duelling.




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