Ex Liverpool Jamie Carragher defends Sir Alex Ferguson for letting Pogba leave Man Utd

Letting Paul Pogba leave Manchester United was perhaps the only mistake of Sir Alex Ferguson during his time at Old Trafford. And Juventus reaching the finals of the Champions League has come as a massive reminder of that. But, much to the surprise of everyone, the Scot has found support for his much loathed decision from ex Liverpool player and currently a Sky Sports pundit, Jamie Carragher.

Carra on Pogba issue: “I’m certain they look back at it now and I’m sure Louis Van Gaal would love to have Paul Pogba in his squad for next season, as Man City would, Chelsea would.”

“All the top teams in world football would, especially in our league because he looks supremely suited to our league.”

“It’s difficult to question Sir Alex Ferguson in terms of bringing young players through – he was one of the masters at it. If he felt it was a wages problem for a young player maybe getting too big for his boots and basically wanting first-team money when he’s still a reserve-team player… that’s the gist of it I think.”

“But the amount of money you would have to pay now, people will say, you might as well have given him it, but those types of decisions run right through your club and affect other young players.

“So it was maybe just one of those situations that Sir Alex Ferguson gets right so many times, but this one they may look back at it with slight regret. But you have to have rules and philosophies at your club with young players.”

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