Ex Mainz player reveals the absurd running benchmarks new Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp demands!


Run! Run! Run!

The Liverpool players are in for an intense ride with Jurgen Klopp at the helm, if former Mainz player Tim Hoogland is to be believed.

The German defender, who was signed by Jurgen Klopp for Mainz in 2007, revealed in an interview with FourFourTwo that the new Liverpool boss likes to set a ‘120km per match’ running target for his team. “You have to run. That’s it” Hoogland said!

That’s almost the average distance per game ran by the German team during their World Cup winning campaign in 2014!

“I think this is one of the important things you have to know about him. The whole team has to run 120 km (74.5 miles) collectively every game. 120km minimum [laughs].”

“In his first year he said he wouldn’t guarantee anything apart from that when we reached 120km per game then it would be much harder for us to lose.

“He actually offered us a day off when we reached that target. He thought that if we reached that then we would win the game. And from then on it became easy because we understood that his plan would work.”

“Winning the ball is one of the main parts of his training sessions.”

“Every practice was with the ball.

“There would be one day where you would shoot a lot, putting in crosses and such. Then other days you had a mini tournament in the second training session of the day; five vs five. On another day there would be 11 vs 11, so you would use everything that you learnt from the video study so you can put that into a real game.

“When it comes to words, he will find the right ones for the situation. I don’t know where he got that, if he reads a lot or whatever, but he creates pictures in your heads when he talks. He will find the right picture to put in your head to make you feel or see what he wants you to understand. Then it’s easy for you to believe, understand, and to do it. That’s something special.

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