Has Arsenal’s latest YouTube video hinted at Granit Xhaka’s imminent arrival at the club?

The latest video on Arsenal’s YouTube channel might have unknowingly suggested that Granit Xhaka’s transfer to the club is all but done.

The following theory is based on jersey numbers!

It is no secret that Granit Xhaka likes the #34 on the back of his shirt, as it was his first professional number when he started his senior career at Basel. The number is even tattooed on his back!

And, in an interview early this year in January, the Swiss midfielder even joked about the situation if he ever transferred to Arsenal as Frenchman Francis Coquelin has the rights to the #34 at present. He had said, “I’ve spoken with him (Coq), he would like to take another number!”

Now, it looks like the Gladbach man was perhaps not joking at all, as the latest video on Arsenal’s official YouTube channel shows Francis Coquelin wearing a #27 shirt instead of his usual #34.

Check out the video below, the bit with Coquelin comes at the end. Could be nothing, or could mean the transfer is done!

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