Revealed: The Reason Behind The Modest Rumored Price Tag For Man Utd Target Jose Fonte

Manchester United’s search for a new world class defender has led them to try for big names like Leonardo Bonucci and Raphael Varane, but after that failed, the club has reportedly turned to Southampton in the hope of signing 32-year old Euro Cup winner Jose Fonte.  Jose Mourinho has always wanted an experienced defender at the heart of his defense, and Fonte appears to be perfect for the task.

The Rumored Fee Being Possibly In The Region Of £8m! But Why Is A Euro Winner & A Premier League Proven Player Going For Such Dirt Cheap Rates In The Current Market?

According to The Times, it is understood that Fonte wants to invoke the Gentleman’s Agreement that he had with the club when he signed his new contract, which is to keep him at the club till 2018. Not formally written, the agreement allows the Portuguese to go for a relatively small amount when a big club comes knocking. Hence the low price.

Morgan Schneiderlin and Victor Wanyama have used similar agreements in the past to procure their respective moves to Manchester United & Spurs, and it is believed that the club will not stand in Fonte’s way either if he wants to move.

Fonte is obviously not of Varane or Bonucci’s caliber and age is certainly not on his side, but he makes up for it with his experience. His abilities came to the front during the recently concluded Euros, where teams found it extremely difficult to score against the Portuguese defense.

He has also proved to be the key man in Southampton’s defense in the Premier League for the past few seasons.

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