Absolute Obliteration Of The Corner Flag By Matt Ritchie After Scoring Newcastle’s 2nd Goal v Reading

Newcastle United romped to a 4-1 win at home to Reading on Wednesday night, their first ever victory since being relegated from the Premier League last season.

Fans were witness to goals apiece from new summer signings Isaac Hayden and Matt Ritchie followed by a brace from Dwight Gayle, which included a fantastic free kick.

Though Dwight Gayle may have picked up the match honours for his excellent display upfront, Matt Ritchie also had his fair share of limelight, more for his celebration rather than his goal.

After expertly dispatching the goal in the bottom left corner, he ran like a man possessed to the right corner. Seemingly unable to contain his excitement, he went about the corner flag bringing it down rather brutally with a kick.

Check out the celebration below!

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