(Video) Mark Noble collapsed in laughter as Havard Nordtveit took a hilarious tumble in West Ham training

Considering all the optimism surrounding the move to the new Olympic stadium, West Ham has had a rather subdued start to the season winning just three times in the league.

The team is clearly struggling following the fine showing last season and on Saturday, Bilic’s men travel to Tottenham for yet another tough encounter with their London counterparts who are still unbeaten after 11 games.

But while performances on the pitch have been rather gloomy, the team certainly seems to be in good spirits ahead of the derby against Spurs.

A training ground video of West Ham shows a comical sequence of events unfolding as Norwegian midfielder Havard Nordtveit, in the midst of a sprint run accidentally slipped and went down as he attempted to jump.

The tumble drew a funny response from his team-mates and none more hilarious than Mark Noble who actually fell to the ground laughing.

Check out the funny incident below:

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