Pic: 4 v 4 Bubble Football was on display during half time at Rangers’ 1-0 win v Dundee yesterday

The resurgent Rangers took on Dundee in their Scottish Premiership clash yesterday and escaped from the match with three important points, via an extremely late Harry Forrester goal.

The first half was a drab affair, with both teams struggling to get a hold on the match. It came as no surprise when the half time break was more entertaining than the actual match, owing to the 4 v 4 Bubble Football match conducted on the pitch.

Bubble Football is a recent craze around the globe and even Lionel Messi and his Barcelona teammates were spotted enjoying the recreational sport.

Check out the picture below!

Source: https://twitter.com/HallyBing/status/800005090451030016
Source: https://twitter.com/HallyBing/status/800005090451030016

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