2 modern day Chelsea legends feature in Arjen Robben’s Dream XI (Photo)

When Arjen Robben does finally hang up his boots, he can look back on his career with pride. A consistent performer for more than a decade and a half, he has played in top clubs throughout his career. This means he has mixed it up with some of the biggest names world football has had to offer.

Recently, German newspaper Bild ran a column in which the Dutch international was asked to name his Dream XI. Whilst none of his choices were particularly controversial, Premier League fans were quick to notice the inclusion of two legendary Chelsea players.

Both are interesting inclusions because Robben only played alongside them when neither of them was yet in their peak. That being said, the nod towards the Chelsea greats will no doubt endear him to the fans of his former club.

Check out the Dutchman’s entire Dream Team here:

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