Man Utd tops the Twitter growth chart for 2016 with a whopping 2.74m new followers (Image)

The growth of Twitter in social media has given people on the internet a unique way of sharing their views. Nowadays, every football team big or small is on the microblogging platform to share official news regarding transfers, ticket information and other such things.

Manchester United, despite being one of the biggest clubs in the world in terms of its massive global fanbase, was quite late to the party. They only joined the social media site in 2012 and were the last Premier League club to join the platform. However, they have since become one of the most followed clubs.

Things might not have been as good on the pitch in the last few seasons, but off the field Manchester United have only improved with new, creative sponsorship deals and the growth in social media presence

No clubs including rivals Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea gained more followers than the Red Devils this season. So whilst their form might be up and down, it’s safe to say their fanbase remains as strong as ever.

See the Twitter follower growth chart for all Premier League clubs here:


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