(Video) Embarrassing playacting from Nottingham Forest’s Ben Osborn during 3-0 Derby loss

Simulation has become a massive problem in the modern game. Whilst many players have been guilty of the occasional dive or even over-exaggeration of contact, there are quite a few who are repeat offenders in this regard. Sadly, this is an issue that doesn’t seem to go away any time soon.

Derby County’s 3-0 win over rivals Nottingham Forest will perhaps mostly be remembered for Nicklas Bendtner’s embarrassingly hilarious own goal. However, there was another rather embarrassing incident that took place in the beginning of the game, once again involving a Forest player.

Ben Osborn was brought down by a Derby player. As the referee’s attention was drawn to the incident, Osborn decided to roll around the floor in a rather absurd manner. It was a piece of playacting so bad that it needs to be seen to be believed.

Even the Newcastle fans complained about similar antics last weekend. Check out Osborn’s embarrassing simulation below:

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