(Video) BBC pundit rips into the Neville brothers over their recent remarks against Liverpool’s Loris Karius

Loris Karius has been facing a lot of criticism lately for his error-prone goalkeeping, something his performance against West Ham justified. However, the young German didn’t help matters when he remarked against the criticism from former United player and current TV pundit Gary Neville.

This started a war of words that eventually saw both Jurgen Klopp and Phil Neville get involved as well. However, Karius recently got some backing from a rather unlikely source as Chris Sutton, best known for his spell at Celtic, absolutely laid into the Neville brothers for their criticism.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live Sport, the ex-striker likened the Neville brothers to East Enders regulars the Mitchell brothers before commending Karius and stating that a lot of the criticism of the Neville’s comes from them being annoyed at the German’s comments, which isn’t fair.

Check out the BBC clip below:

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