Latest Instagram post from Victor Lindelof’s girlfriend suggests the Man Utd deal could very well be done

Swedish international Victor Lindelof’s girlfriend sparked off rumors possibly hinting that the Benfica defender’s move to Manchester United may be confirmed and announced anytime now.

In an Instagram post of the couple posing outside what looks like an airport with a trolley of luggage, Lindelof’s girlfriend, Maja Nilsson, captioned the picture as “Two years since I moved to Lisbon today. Best years of my life 📦❤.”

Perhaps an indication of their time in the Portugese city coming to an end.

The 22-year old, has been held to be one of the most promising defenders in Europe and it isn’t exactly a rumor anymore that Mourinho has been trying to land the young lad to bolster the defence at Old Trafford.

While the deal was rumored to be worth £38 million pounds (with the number 2 jersey already being reserved for Lindelof), some Portuguese media outlets have come up with stories stating that Benfica may sign a last-minute contract with the young defender, inflating his buy-out clause to a whooping £50 million.

Check out the Instagram post of Maja Nilsson below!

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