(Video) Policeman handles it brilliantly after tipsy Leeds fans go a little overboard with their Luke Ayling appreciation

A club steeped rich in tradition and history, Leeds United undoubtedly boast some of the most loyal and passionate set of fans in football. But while such passion spurs on the team’s performances and helps create a great atmosphere, it has on a darker aspect led to numerous incidents of fan troubles and their subsequent run-ins with the law (the notorious Leeds United Service Crew comes to mind).

Over time though, such dark aspects of the fans’ relationship with the Matchday police seems to have been subsided on part of the Leeds faithful. Just take the case of the Preston policeman joining in the celebrations of the fans.

With Leeds fan in a joyful mood after the 4-1 away win over Preston North End, three visibly tipsy Leeds fan went a little overboard with their Luke Aying appreciation and sat on the pavement outside of the pub.

Midway through their chanting on the pavement, an officer of the HM Constabulary walked up towards them and while everyone expected another case of discord with the police, much to everyone’s surprise, the officer joined in the celebrations and handled that situation brilliantly.

Check out the video of the incident below:

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