The incredible fitness level of Man Utd’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic summed up in one stunning statistic

Insane stats reveal what an athelte Man Utd’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been in his 18 years of professional football!

When Zlatan Ibrahimovic signed for Manchester United in the summer, his signing was met with both excitement and trepidation. On one hand, one of the best pure strikers in modern football was now going to play in England, however, many expressed doubt over whether or not he could handle the physicality of the Premier League.

It’s safe to say that any naysayers were, in hindsight, wrong. The Swedish international has taken the League by storm, behind only Diego Costa in the goalscorers’ chart.

Whilst he did suffer a slight dip in form, it’s a testament to his talent that he recovered from it in such spectacular fashion.

He’s also shown adept at being able to hang with the Premier League’s toughest defenders, something that is down to his conditioning and his dedication to fitness. He might have slowed down a bit with age, but the Manchester United stalwart has always been one of the fittest footballers in the world.

A recent stat revealed just how well the Swede had managed to keep himself in shape throughout his career. Check it out below:

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