Absolute scenes as Spider-Man & friend gatecrash West Ham’s FA Cup game v Man City (Video)

Owing to its massive popularity, the English FA Cup draws insane amounts of crowds from all corners of the football-crazy nation. But the third round fixture between West Ham and Man City was attended by an unlikely spectator nobody could imagine on a football pitch.

When Guardiola’s men took to the field against West Ham at London Stadium on Friday, little did they know that apart from the Hammers, they would even have to face Spiderman!

Two fans invaded the field during the game, forcing the referee to halt the play. While one was dressed as Spiderman, the other fan clad in a West Ham shirt ran in and (quite brilliantly) tackled the superhero to the ground!

Immediately after the guards came in an brought the fan down, Spidey made his usual quick escape and managed to run out into the stands. Check out Spiderman gate crashing the game below –

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