Why Chelsea fans should consider a loss against Tottenham at White Hart Lane as a good omen for the future

Chelsea’s impressive winning streak of 13 games on the trot finally came to an end against Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane. To his credit, Mauricio Pochettino did very well to out-think Antonio Conte, who must now go back to the drawing board after an impressive run of form came to an end.

That doesn’t stop the loss from being less painful for Chelsea fans. The club would have equaled a Premier League record of 14 consecutive wins had they gotten the job done against Spurs. Not only that but they could have extended their lead over Liverpool too, who dropped points against Sunderland.

That being said, it isn’t all bleak for Chelsea fans. In fact, the loss to Tottenham might just be a good thing for the Blues. As football stats website WhoScored released a statistic that will surely boost the morale and confidence of the Chelsea faithful as they try and regain their form.

According to WhoScored, the last two times Chelsea have won a league title coincided with them losing away league games to Spurs.

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