(Video) “We Are Liverpool” – Jurgen Klopp accepts the challenge against Man United on Sunday

Football is incomplete without rivalries, and rarely can one match the glorious history that unfolds between Liverpool and Manchester United. So fierce is the battle that fans can excuse their managers for disastrous seasons, if they succeed in beating their rivals.

Confrontations have evolved from Shankly-Busby to Ferguson-Dalglish, and now the baton has been passed on to Mourinho-Klopp. And the triumphant managers will keep their rivalry alive when they face off at Old Trafford on Sunday.

The mouth-watering fixture is sure to ignite passions and the Liverpool boss has accepted the challenge by announcing his eagerness to fight in true Klopp style. The German said: “We are Liverpool. Lets show this, we can be different to any other team, everyone wants there to be a real fight, 100% from us.”

Check out the bit from his presser below!

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