Hilarity ensued as Dejan Lovren forgets Fellaini’s name during his interview post Man Utd 1-1 Liverpool (Video)

The derby between Manchester United and Liverpool was one that was highly anticipated but never looked likely to overshadow the “Manchester vs. Merseyside” encounter that preceded it. Both the Reds and the Red Devils came armed with tactics and it showed in the result as they cancelled each other out.

Despite being the away side, Liverpool would have felt hard done by considering they led the game for so long. These sentiments were echoed by Dejan Lovren during his post-match interview, after which he was awarded the Man of the Match. Hilariously, he also made a small but noticeable gaff during the interview.

Whilst discussing United’s long-ball tactics in the second half, the centre back was talking about how the game changed and then forgot the name of the player whose arrival signaled the tactical change: Marouane Fellaini. This was made funnier by the fact that the interviewer mentioned his name seconds prior.

Check out the moment below:


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