Pic: Tottenham fan creates a brilliant flow chart perfectly desciribing Mousa Dembele’s playstyle

While not being one of the more stellar names in the team-sheet, Belgian midfielder Moussa Dembele has often been an unsung hero for Tottenham with his commanding displays in the middle of the park.

The midfielder seems to have picked it up where he left off last season with his performances being a crucial aspect of Tottenham’s recent successes.

Dembele’s contribution to the team also seems to have got due attention from fans in recent times with a fan making a brilliant flow chart to describe Dembele’s playstyle.

The flow chart (below) just about sums up the Belgian’s playing style with striking references to his superb dribbling skills, his poor right foot and shooting skills as well as his tendency to draw fouls in from the opposition.

Check out the brilliant flow chart below:

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