Tottenham fans gutted after Mike Dean gets demoted to the Championship (Tweets)

In the world of football if controversy’s favourite children are referees, then Mike Dean is that kid who manages to piss off just about everybody and isn’t welcome anywhere. But even this lonely kid has found loyal friends amongst Tottenham fans if the latest are memes are to believed.

The FA has decided to temporarily demote the controversial referee to the Championship following many gaffes he’s been alleged to have made during some Premier League fixtures recently.

While celebrations for this decision were lead by (surprise, surprise!) Arsenal fans (who even famously petitioned the FA once seeking a ban on the referee from officiating their club’s games), rival White Hart Lane faithfuls wore gloomy (not really, though) looks on their faces, calling it “the darkest day in the club’s history”.

Check out the most hilarious takes of Spurs fans on Mike Dean’s demotion below-

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