Pic: It seems the 4th official was just seconds away from being on the wrong end of a Wenger punch during Arsenal 2-1 Burnley

Despite having his share of altercations with match officials in the past, the Arsene Wenger usually remains calm and composed, but the pressure during Arsenal’s roller coaster win against Burnley was probably a little too much for the Frenchman to take.

When the referee awarded Burnley with a penalty late in the 92nd minute, passions finally got to Wenger, as the boss was sent off to the stands for his angry arguments with official in the sidelines.

Things got so heated, that at one point, it now seems, Wenger was prepared to risk a lifetime ban by getting violent with the 4th official.

Although Wenger later apologised for his indecent behaviour, the FA might not shy away from issuing sanctions.

Check out Wenger clenching his fist in anger below –

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